Month: May 2016

How To Master And Solve Network Marketing Rejections

How To Master And Solve Network Marketing Rejections   Let’s discuss some insights on how to prepare yourself to face network marketing rejections daily, and how to manage them professionally. To be able to manage Network Marketing Rejections, you should be able to maintain your energy and the energy of the conversation you are having with your prospects. It is advisable to study your potential prospects before you ever approach them. It is called “Network Marketing” meaning you have to network with people and get to know a little about them before you approach them with your business opportunity....

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5 Quick Tips About Right Business Mindset

The Right Business Mindset?  I love being an entrepreneur because I am exposed to endless possibilities and can decide on whichever direction I deem useful or productive for my business and take actions. It is awesome to have these opportunities coming your way, but at some point, you get overwhelmed when they start piling up. Don’t know about you but sometimes these business opportunities get so overwhelmingly demanding that it weighs down on me and my general mindset. Sometimes I get depressed not only with the overwhelming pile up of things to do but also my private life comes into...

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How To Create Killer Facebook Ads For Newbies

Facebook is the largest social network with over 1 billion active users If you are not leveraging Facebook and using Killer Facebook Ads for your business, then you are deemed for doom. For small businesses and new start-ups, there are many opportunities to drive offers to a targeted audience here. Facebook has made advertising for the small business crowd more demanding regarding placement of ads and reach because they are more supportive of larger advertisers. To create a Killer Facebook Ad, you start by having an objective to the Ad. What do you want to advertise? What is your...

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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Instagram For Business

Are you using Instagram for business? Instagram is a social media platform with about 600 million users. Studies estimate that about 70% of its users log in at least once a day. It is huge meaning your content gets seen. Below are some strategic measures to follow to market effectively on Instagram.   The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Instagram For Business 1. Make A Plan Every business venture always starts up with a plan. You need to be able to forecast and map out your plan and goals to achieve while on Instagram. Ask yourself several questions like: Who is...

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