Month: July 2016

6 “Free Graphic Design Tools” For Entrepreneurs At No Risk

Curious to know what my 6 free graphic design tools are? I am sure you are!   As a marketer, I can understand how difficult it can be designing graphics for your projects. Graphics and stunning images play a significant role in any successful marketing or social media campaign. Projects, articles or blog post with captivating visuals get more views and have a higher opening rate than those without.   Every marketer or entrepreneur should consider incorporating great graphics for successful marketing. Here we shall discuss some of these 6 free graphic design tools for busy entrepreneurs and marketers....

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6 Myths To Awesome “LinkedIn Leads” For Your Business

LinkedIn leads are easy to get. Read through this article and see how you can dissect these 6 Myths To Awesome “LinkedIn Leads” For Your Business.   Do you think LinkedIn is only for recruiters and people looking for jobs? Unfortunately, many people still do not know that they can leverage this platform for business purposes.   Curious? I know you are right now…   LinkedIn is the most professional social media platform with mostly professional high-income earners and decision makers. Due to the professionalism of this platform, makes it a juicy destination to get quality LinkedIn leads for...

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How To Use 8 Easy Techniques To “Skyrocket Your Email List”

Are you new to list building or wish to skyrocket your email list? If you are not working or optimizing your email list, then you have to start now. All of the social media platforms you are currently using do not care about you!   My advice, you should start building your list daily. Apart from your blog, your email list is the only thing you own online. It is the only direct way in which you communicate with your subscribers and nurture a relationship that leads to sales or business deals.   A few years ago I got...

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