Month: September 2016

3 Reasons To Love The New Instagram Business Tools

Instagram Business Tools? You are probably asking yourself why you will need it. These Instagram Business Tools are now available in your Instagram accounts (for those who have changed their Instagram accounts to business accounts). If you are actively using Instagram for business; this new tool will help you reduce the cost of using a third party app to get more insights and analytics from your Instagram account. Are you are one of those business owners who still has a regular profile? I suggest you switch to the company profile as the later gives you more functionalities and insights...

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8 Reasons Why “Startup Businesses Fail” (Infographic) And How To Avoid It

Do you have any idea why startup businesses fail almost immediately before they start?   In today’s world, most successful entrepreneurs started by creating a plan to solve their problems and later developed this plan to help other people with similar interest and needs.   They work around the clock to build their startup and face so many obstacles in their initial stages. It is their passion, and their goal is to succeed in getting the final product.   It does not matter the field, it could be an individual interested in music and decides to pursue it and...

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