Month: February 2017

How To Get Traffic To Your Website Using Medium And LinkedIn

Getting traffic to your website is an issue that most business owners and entrepreneurs face on a daily basis. We all want more eyeballs on our content and subsequently, convert our visitors into customers or get them into our funnels.   But nowadays, It is not easy to get ALLLLLL the traffic you want. It takes a lot of work and time to generate that…except you are creating A LOT of content on a daily basis and regularly updating your site!!!   Who does that?!😳🤔 Authority sites have the resources and workforce to do that but not your average...

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How To Create “High Converting Landing Pages”

High Converting Landing Pages?     I am confident that if you are reading this article, you are in search of answers on how to make one that converts. You may be familiar with some of these points but today I want us to discuss in details how to optimize these landing pages to increase conversion. So what is a landing page? I do not want to assume that you all know what it is. For the benefit of doubt, A landing page is any web page that is designed exclusively to capture email addresses and/ or make a...

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21 Valuable Content Upgrades To Explode Your Email List

Content Upgrades? You have a thriving blog or website and produce valuable content. Your readers love your content, but your email list is stalling… I have been there! Trust me on this. That is why I searched for ideas on how to give more value to my reader and grow my email list at the same time! What I discovered…. Content Upgrades! Content upgrades are becoming a very popular means to provide your audience with value while building your Email List at the same time.   Content upgrades are bonus content that you offer to your readers in exchange...

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40 Best Websites To Get Free High Resolution Images

Free High Resolution Images? Yeah, you are right! Absolutely Free! I know you have the same problem as I do. Let me guess, you have a website, or you are a business owner with social media profiles. You need good high resolution images to create content for your profiles. You also need these high resolution images to use on your blog or website. Did I get it right? I guess if you are reading this post, you fall into one of these categories. I have fallen prey to this, and I wish I had this list before. It is...

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