Month: August 2017

What Is Content Marketing? Why Is It Important For Business Growth?

What Is Content Marketing? Why Is It Important For Business Growth?   What is content marketing?   According to Bruce Rogers, Content marketing is the emotional and informational bridge between commerce and consumer. Building that bridge requires more than a budget, editorial calendar, and vision. It requires people who care, who love content, and what it can do for people. Not just what it can do for revenue, but rather how it helps people live their lives.” What is content marketing to me? Short and straightforward. It is story telling.   #Marketing is no longer about the stuff that...

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Best Content Marketing Tools You’re Not Using But You Should (Updated)

Content marketing tools? Most business owners only care about cost and revenue. Content marketing is the intersection between advertising and commercialization. Great content attracts the right audience. When you have an audience, it gives room for advertisement plans. Low-quality content attracts little to no audience. No audience means no plans to advertise or advertising. People buy from those they like and trust. Why should anyone buy from you instead of your competitors? Gone are the days when radio spots and billboard ads were rampant and created successful advertising campaigns for companies. Nowadays content is king. Great content with unique...

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What is retargeting marketing? Why do you need it?

Retargeting marketing? What is it all about? Imagine you are daydreaming about going on holidays. Technology is so beautiful. It’s easy to take a quick break and surf over to a vacation planning site. Check out promotions or discounts for trips during your vacation days. You are JUST LOOKING, right? You end up not buying and continue daydreaming at work. Later on when you get home and log into Facebook, Boom! There you see Ads from the sites you visited earlier on.  Reminding you of the pages, you visited and encouraging you to take action. That is Retargeting Marketing...

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