Best Stock Photo Sites? Yes Please!!


I am not your typical girlie woman (loving purple, red and pink) but I love female style stock photos for my blog and web content.

I love neutral colors since my brand speaks to both sexes (yes I have two customer avatars)

Meaning my images and graphics should be more from a neutral standpoint so that both avatars are comfortable with it. ( you can judge from my brand colors and pictures)

I recently wrote about 40 best websites to get free high-resolution images to use for your brand. You may want to check it out for your brand too.

Today, I will be talking about getting best stock photo sites for female creatives and girlie bosses. It is not easy finding these kinds of pictures, so it is my wish that this list is of help to all my ladies out there.



24 Best Stock Photo Sites For Creatives And Girlie Bosses


1.Wonderfelle Media

She has one of my best stock photo sites. It comprises of a vast library and offers excellent style photos at a membership level too. You decide on a 3 months payment or a yearly one ( the latter is cheaper) Looking forward to joining her membership site and get more premium  A. M. A. Z. I .N .G photos


2. Rosemary Watson Production

Founded by Rosemary Watson, provides professionally branded photos for girlie bosses. She focuses mainly on Brand Identity design, WordPress website design, full-service Instagram management, and brand photography & professional business portraits.


3. TwigyPost

I love her photos especially the colors. She has a unique style and color pattern. She also markets her photos on Creative Market in smaller bundles ( for those who may want to try some of them) You can also subscribe to her blog and get some freebies. Her categories range from;

Shades of Pink & Purple
Office and much more.


4. Haute Chocolate

One of my favorites too. She has a broad range of photos in her stock library. Signing up gives you access to it all, and you can download as much as you want including the social media pre-made graphics and fonts. Her collection will cater for your everyday business need (images & graphics) You also get free stock photos each month when you join her mailing list.


5. Turquoise & Palm

She is mainly about Empowering creative businesses to elevate their brand’s visual presence through unique, inspired and stylish photography.

She offers brand stock photos and also photography courses for those wanting to upgrade their photography skills.


6. CGScreative

She has a library of Free photos for creatives and a soon to be released library too. You may want to join her list and get access to this library for free. She is also offers branded photo shot sessions if you are in need of unique photographs for your business.


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7. Social Creative Stock

Owned by two amazing female entrepreneurs who deal with brand photography for creatives and girlie bosses. Ania and Erin are about to launch their membership site on May 1, and we can’t wait to see what they have for us all ( I already joined their waiting list!)


8. SC Stockshop

Arriving on her website gives it all. She has one of the best stock photo sites and sells premium style stock photography for creative entrepreneurs. The good thing about her is, she makes it easy for you to shop for photos according to colors. Only pick a color you want and have a display of several photos that match your pick.

She also has a store on Creative Market for those who love shopping from there.


9. Ivory Mix

I stumbled on her website last year and since fallen in love with her photos. She offers premium stock photos at a membership level + 25% off of your first order (unlimited download) She also has a separate membership site for Free Stock Photos and Resources for creatives and bloggers.


10. Rekita Nicole

Rekita is a designer, and she also offers free stock photos to female entrepreneurs and bloggers. Signing up for her membership area gives you complete access all her photos for free download.


11. Kate Max

I am new to her brand and was amazed when I visited her website. I immediately registered to her mailing list and got some freebies! Gorgeous photos with white backgrounds, you should check her out.


12. Gold And Berry

Gold and Berry is a lifestyle and design blog that focuses on DIY projects, tutorials, fashion, art, and beauty. They have a section packed with lots of Free Stock photos and textures for girlie bosses and creatives.


13. WhiteHartDesing Co

Also one of my best stock photo sites and they have a rich variety ranging from:
Rustic & Floral 155
Stationery & Weddings
Nursery & child
Dark and chic


14. Mylie James Design

Owned by Mylie James, provides photography to help curate social media platforms in a SNAP! She also loves giving away the tips and tricks to help you creatives in their business. You should definitely check her out!


15. Solopreneur Sidekick

This owned by the talented Louise! She is passionate about helping talented creatives do what they love by setting them up for success with a website that works. You may visit her website for more tips and a free download of stock photos too.


16. Creative Convex

If you are minimalistic like I am, you will love her photo gallery. She has one of my favorite best stock photo sites. What I love the most about her photos are the white space and a dash of color here and there. She also offers free 20 stock photos when you sign up for her mailing list.


17. Shafaq O Designs

Shafaq O. from Shafaq O Designs is a talented web designer who also provides free girlie stock photos for creatives entrepreneurs. You may want to check her out for your design concerns and free stock photos too.


18. Kreanille Design

Annamari Bán of Kreanille Design designs packages for creative women who want to have a soaring business online. She also has a shop for beautiful stock photos and some freebies when you join her mailing list.


19. A Prettier Web

Mel Karlik is a fantastic WordPress theme developer and online course creator. She offers 7 Free web format images that can be used for social media or your website. Feel free to edit as you like and no need for attribution on them.


20. ColorUBold

The name speaks for its self. If you are the typical girlie type who love bright and bold colors, then Jasmine is your girl! She has all it takes to brighten up your social media, email newsletters, and websites with. Did I mention that she is also affordable? You should surely check her out, and maybe subscribe to her mailing list to get some freebies for a start.


21. Feminine Stock

It offers tons of female stock photos and also five free feminine stock photos when you sign up for their email list + additional free images sent to your inbox every month!


22. Diva Gone Domestic

This is a full-service brand design studio that offers;
Business stationary
Photo styling
Product photography
Brand consulting, websites and more. Need free pictures from them? Sign up for their list and receive them each month.


23. Oh.Tilly

Oh. Tilly offers classic and high-quality stock images for female entrepreneurs. I love her professionalism and a wide range of photos with different designs and colors. You should definitely check her out! Oops! I forgot! She has an amazing gallery of free stock photos too for instant download and bonuses from time to time.


24. CreateHer Stock

This is a stockpile resource and your destination for images you can actually relate to. Curated for female bloggers, creatives, and online influencers of color.


Most of these pictures do not require any attributions but are sure to read their terms of conditions when downloading or buying.


Bonus I couldn’t Leave Out!!!

25. The Stock Boutique

The Stock Boutique is committed to helping female entrepreneurs create an intentional brand
and compelling messages with thoughtful and strategic visuals.

Created by a professional photographer, Alisha Lynn, The Stock Boutique provides its members with curated galleries full
of gorgeous and engaging images, Instagram ready images, tutorials and much, much more!

Do not hesitate to join their weekly newsletter to receive a free image in your inbox monthly!


If you have been reading keenly, you will realize my love for beautiful stock photos. I will confess that I have a fetish for them and always buying. I have a huge cloud collection and enjoy perusing them when in need of a social media or blog post ( too bad I have no time to make mine but seriously thinking about it, though ? )


What are your thoughts? Are you obsessed with best stock photo sites? Do you think it is worthwhile having branded or excellent photos for your business? I will be happy to get your remarks about it.