Instagram Business Tools? You are probably asking yourself why you will need it.

These Instagram Business Tools are now available in your Instagram accounts (for those who have changed their Instagram accounts to business accounts).

If you are actively using Instagram for business; this new tool will help you reduce the cost of using a third party app to get more insights and analytics from your Instagram account.

Are you are one of those business owners who still has a regular profile? I suggest you switch to the company profile as the later gives you more functionalities and insights on your followers and how best you can interact with them.

To change to a business account, log into Instagram from your App and click on the top right icon with three dots, scroll to Accounts and select “Switch to Business Profile.” You will be prompted to Continue and connect your Facebook Business Page.

Voila! It’s that easy!

Here is a small illustration…

3 Reasons To Love The New Instagram Business Tools


 1. Creating A Business Profile

The company profile enables you to add your contact, industry, and business information directly to your Instagram account. It makes it easy for people to identify you as a business entity and what you offer.

Instagram Business Tools also makes it easy to edit your business contact information and phone number so that your audience can easily contact you.


2. Audience Insight

This simple business tool packages actionable information about fans of your business in a visual and user-friendly format. Having access to more about who your followers are and what posts they like, can help you create more relevant content for them.

I have been waiting for this functionality on Instagram for such a long time now. It has always been a hassle for me to determine when the majority of my audience are online and how best it is for me to interact with them. With the new Instagram business tools, cry no more!

There is a solution to your business problems ( in case you were lamenting like me) It now provides you with,

  • Audience Insights that gives you a breakdown of their ages, gender, and the hour in which they are most likely to log on to Instagram, enabling you to know when the majority of them are online for peeking engagement. This juicy information permits you to know when to post and get maximum engagement and interactions with them.
  • Instagram business tools also enable you to easily connect with customers through business profiles, allowing you to detect followers, posts performance and potentially reach to more customers by promoting your business directly from the app.
  • You have access to vital information on what content they are most interested in so you can tailor your post to be more relevant to your followers.
  • Your post impressions and reach over the last seven days are also available to you. Your can filter by impressions, post types (videos, quotes), video views, comments, and dates to know which produces the best results.

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3. Promoting Directly From Instagram

You’ll now have the possibility to create and run Ads directly from your Instagram business account like using an existing post to target and potentially reach even more customers.

I know some of you will want the full functionalities and power you get by using Power Editor in Facebook Ads Manager. It is still is an excellent option to create your Instagram Ads, but I will want to build Ads from the new Instagram business tools and see my results. Hopefully, I will be satisfied and not need to use Facebook Ads manager.

I don’t know about you, but I am very excited about this new Instagram business tools and I am amazed at the information I get since I started using it. It has helped me to schedule my post better since I now know the peak period when my followers are online.

Convert your profile and try it! I am excited to know your results and feedback.

Instagram Business Tools