There are certain facts to consider when striving for an effective email marketing strategy for your company.

Email marketing has the highest return on investment for marketers and enterprises. Averagely, every dollar spends yields about 4.25 dollars.

That said, why email marketing?

Why should you use it for your business? Some of the roles email plays to enhance and accentuate your marketing strategy include;

  • Customer acquisition
  • Customer reactivation
  • Customer retention
  • Customer referrals
  • Direct Sales
  • Source of traffic
  • Branding
  • Engagement with your leads.

Every effective email marketing strategy should be able to assist and move your customers through the client’s journey roadmap


An effective email marketing plan goes through several processes before the email gets to your audience. However, let’s discuss some strategies you can use to quickly get the attention of their readers.


4 Types Of Killer Subject Headlines For Effective Email Marketing


1. Proof or Results


Showing proof or results helps to foster an effective marketing campaign. It also gives more credibility and enhances your brand to your customer.

Some examples of proof and results include:

  • Case studies showing results from people using your products or services
  • Free downloads that will be beneficial to your customers
  • “He pocketed 2128 in 2 days, and he lives clues to how” This is the excerpt you will find below. It excites the reader and entices them to open to read more about this fantastic result and how he did it.



2. Curiosity


The title speaks for its self. Any headline that spurs interest will always have a high opening rate. This is one of the most common tips used by most email marketers to build an effective email marketing campaign.

  • Kinda weird but very profitable
  • She earned 125.999 in 3 days…
  • 6 easy to use traffic sources
  • How a mom fired her boss…

These are captivating email headlines that many of us get in our inboxes. If this is a product or service that you are interested in, it will push you to take action immediately or at least open to read its content.   Another good illustration of this is this screen shot from my email.


3. Urgency Or Scarcity Headlines


Scarcity headlines always refe to an end in a product or promotion. Some of these include;

  •  Last minute deal or chance to enter a contest or win a dream trip.
  • 90% Sales ends tonight
  • Final notice
  • Last chance to snap this discount
  • Discount ends…
  • You`re going to miss this?!


I have a vivid example that happened to me last 2 weeks. I am a member of a Facebook group, and it comprises of people who are interested in using a particular membership site plugin.


I joined the group because I was contemplating on getting for my upcoming membership site.

Since I am still gradually building my courses and freebies, I did not have the urgency to download it immediately.

That was until we all got a notice that we had to download and install it before a particular date else we will miss having it free for life!

You can imagine the frenzy in the group! Everyone had to make the necessary moves required on his or her respective domains to have it up and installed on time.

This goes the same for scarcity email headlines. Most effective email marketing campaigns use this method to captivate the audiences.



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4. Headlines That Accentuate Benefits


There is no successful email marketing campaign without headlines that show befits to your readers.

People do love to get free goods that will help them in their customer journey.

Looking at the example in this screen shot, you see

  • Boost your SEO traffic with this free checklist
  • 2 .5 Proven growth marketing tips to double your sales

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Note that, the above headlines must match the body of your email. For example;


The proof and results headline above:

“He pocketed 2128 in 2 days, and he lives clues to how” must give the readers clear explanations on how he made that amount of money in 2 days as a result of consuming your products or following your blueprint.


Alternatively, links to an article, podcast or video on how to obtain the same results.


To conclude, an effective marketing campaign should have not only killer headlines but also a well-designed strategy.

It is sad to note that many business owners have ALL the means and tips on how to grow their email list BUT little or no strategy on how to monetize it.

Need help?

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