The Right Business Mindset?

 I love being an entrepreneur because I am exposed to endless possibilities and can decide on whichever direction I deem useful or productive for my business and take actions.

It is awesome to have these opportunities coming your way, but at some point, you get overwhelmed when they start piling up.

Don’t know about you but sometimes these business opportunities get so overwhelmingly demanding that it weighs down on me and my general mindset. Sometimes I get depressed not only with the overwhelming pile up of things to do but also my private life comes into play.

Having the right business mindset is critical to your personal success and also to your chosen career. I was not aware of this until of recent when I got exposed to these business opportunities clashing with my personal life and trying to get an equilibrium to succeed.

It is as a result of my daily projects, timeline and task which I have set for myself and always try to achieve them before the end of each day. I am a focused person, but when these factors come into play, my mindset gets disturbed.

Do you know that 70% of Entrepreneurial Success comes from having the right business mindset? Some of these mindset problems include;

  • Procrastination
  • Wanting to please everyone around you
  • Reaching a plateau and feeling stuck
  • Lack of inspiration and motivation
  • Exhaustion
  • Financial strain
  • Work overload

It is not our fault as life has its ups and downs, but if you want to succeed, you’ll have to start changing these and start nurturing the right business mindset. I tend to eat right and exercise more often or take a walk to clear off my mind. Carefully before I make decisions, I also get into meditation mode and think.   Most of the time will cuddle up and read books or articles (love reading on my Kindle). These habits have helped me to maintain balance and sanity while the world is happening around me. In spite of these, there are days that I cannot seem to have a balance, and this is where having and maintaining the right business mindset comes into play.

Business Mindset

5 Quick Tips About Right Business Mindset include;


1. Listening To Music.

You might not be a music fan at all, but this strategy has helped people overcome stress and get a focused mindset. I recently was in a business meeting that needed 100% of my time and concentration, but I was far from there.


Thinking about the other task on my agenda that I had to fulfill and other personal problems and issues I had which kept bothering my mind. After this meeting, while heading home and still thinking, I switched on one of my favorite playlist on Spotify.


In the beginning, I was still in the thinking mood but later realized I was singing and humming. I felt this massive weight lifted off my shoulders by the time I got home, and my mind was much relieved.


I also use music while on my desk, and it is amazing how much I do with music in the background. Try to find what music soothes your soul or gets you in the right business mindset and start turning to it whenever your mind is troubled.


2. Recondition Your Mind


Our mindset is a determining factor of how we role our world and how we make decisions in our life. How we think, feel and see about ourselves is a decisive element in the decisions we make in life in general. I’ll say that our minds are the rulers of our destiny. We tend to look at the world depending on our current state of mind and most often act accordingly.


3.Create A Vision For Your Life


You all should have a grand vision for your life and set a pace for it. My real purpose in life is to help as many entrepreneurs as possible to able to brand better and market themselves in their niche. I know it might sound crazy, but I am taking it one step at a time and loving the success so far.

In spite of all the hurdles and life´s problems I may have at a particular time, retrospecting and going back to my vision helps in setting my mind straight and back to its objectives.

It helps me see the main picture and forget about the little distractions I may have at that particular moment and stay focused. You become what you believe. Whatever the mind thinks and sees and feels can achieve.

4. Setting A Reminder

You got to see yourself in the next 2 to 5 years from now and create this vision in your mind and start working hard towards it.I know this might sound stupid, but I have written a cheque to myself to cash in 3 years.


This decision I made early this year 2016 and put it on the top of my computer and set a reminder every week on my smart watch. The reminder on my smart watch walks me through my weekly goals. It helps keep me focused on my goals in general and have the right mindset whenever I start derailing from my path.


5. Answering Life´s Questions


You can have your mindset straight when you start thinking about some of the life´s biggest questions and providing answers to them. It helps me especially when I start thinking of the problems most network marketers face right now. Why are they marketing the way 80% of them do? I do not understand, and this is exactly how I started online selling online till I got some professional training and changed my strategy.


How can I help them use the right channels and strategy to market their products online and succeed? When these questions start lingering in my mind, it takes me away from all my life’s troubles and intrinsics that pop out of my soul and gets me back on the right track to focusing on my goals and working towards achieving them.

The world is always going to be full of distress and negativity and positive things too. What makes you have a good mindset is when you can get away from all this and get back on track and think about your future. You`ve always got to come back to your WHY and follow these measures above on a daily basis to have a winning business mindset and freedom.


I hope you’ll get some value from this article and if so, please share. Thanks for reading.