Email marketing campaign?

That is the dream of every email marketer. We all want to deliver the best content to our email subscribers. We want them to open and consume our content or take the desired actions.

Sadly, this is not always the case. We all know email marketing has a high ROI but what kind of email marketing campaigns can you send to your list to achieve this?

I recently wrote about 4 types of headlines that are useful for email marketing success.

Today, we shall discuss 5 major email marketing campaigns which you can start sending to your list to increase your ROI and marketing efforts.


5 Types Of Email Marketing Campaign To Boost Your ROI


1. Indoctrination Email Marketing Campaign

So what is an indoctrination email marketing campaign all about? This is the welcome set of emails you send to new subscribers to your list. These emails are designed to engender your brand to your new subscribers.

It tells them what they should expect from you. It should further give them guidelines on what they need to do to get the most significant benefits from you and your brand. They often consist of:

  • An introductory email,
  • Benefits they will reap from you,
  • What they should expect,
  • What they need to do ( like whitelisting your email address so that it does not get stuck in the spam folder,)
  • Offer them some of your best content (free) to oil their lips,
  • Note that this campaign should be at most 1- 3 emails.


2. Engagement Email Marketing Campaign

After the indoctrination emails, you can now position the subscriber based on their interest in your business. The primary purpose of this campaign is to convert your customers into buyers based on their interest (the lead magnet they opted in for)

If they opted on your list, it means they have some trust for you and your brand. Do not ruin it!


There are 2 questions you need to ask yourself

  1. What is the next step I want them to take?
  2. Are they ready to make that big move?

At this level, you need to analyze and determine if they are available to make a move. Nurture and build a robust relationship with them by offering valuable content (never forget why they are on your list)

You can also offer discounts and coupons to move them to the buying stage.


3. The Ascension Email Marketing Campaign

These campaigns are triggered after a customer, or your email subscriber makes a purchase. They are designed to start a Value Loop and turn a one-time buyer into a multi-time one.

What the heck this the Value Loop Concept?

This concept… in a nutshell is to maximize buyers frequency and lifetime value. For every 100 consumers of an offer, some percentage of them would have bought more had you made them an additional offer. That rate depends on;

  • The offer you make,
  • How you describe it (copywriting),
  • The “temperature” of the traffic.

This will assist you to convert a one-time buyer to a multi-time one.

(ssshhhhh…. I hear this is the money making section, you did hear this from me ?)

At this stage, you already know that they love your brand.
You need to wow them and make them crave more for your products!

How do you do that? Never take your customers for granted!

Offer them an upsell, product or service that will compliment what they bought already but at a higher price.


4. Segmentation Email Marketing Campaign

Segmentation, email marketing campaign, is one of those that you can dare to send to your entire list. It is designed to help you further segment your list depending on the interest of your subscribers.

Signing up is a powerful signal of intent to buy. Send them emails until they do ~ Dela Quist #EmailMarketing #quote #DigitalMarketing Click To Tweet

You want your prospect to raise their hand (open, click or opt-in) and show interest in the services you render.
It can be in the form of promotions which you need to study and find out those who click, open and take actions.

It can be;

  • A blog post or lead magnets,
  •  Special offers or promos,
  •  Webinars and meetups.

You should be able to pick out those who select or click through certain areas in the email and put them on the appropriate list for better follow up.


5. Re-engagement Email Marketing Campaign

Are you worried that many of your subscribers do not open or read your emails?

The re-engagement campaign is going to be your friend. This campaign is used to call out to inactive subscribers and get them excited about you and your brand.

This is where patience and excellent marketing skills come into play. It is intended to:

  • Call out to inactive subscribers,
  • Encourage them to read your emails,
  • Remind them of the benefits and what they are missing,
  • Reduce complaints and increase deliverability.

Note that, there are several reasons why your subscribers stop engaging with you.


So Why Do They Become Unengaged?

  1. Engaged with a competitor,
  2. Too many emails,
  3. Changed email address,
  4. Only opted in for the freebie,
  5. Irregular email frequency,
  6. Boring content.

Having this in mind will assist you in crafting a killer campaign to re-engage with those who have not opened your emails for the past 30- 60 days.


What if that doesn’t work?

Start a win back campaign and send them emails with headlines like:

  • I want you back (make sure you have relevant content to convince them on this)
  • I have a gift for you (hopefully, you have a gift for them)
  • May I unsubscribe you ( Hoping it does not get to this point)
  • Is this goodbye (Yep, it can get to this stage)


This is the last and final straw and if it does not work…

I hope that you did enjoy this series today and most especially get some value on how to upgrade your email marketing campaign strategy and increase your ROI from it. As always, I am excited to read your comments and feedbacks.