Are you struggling to generate interesting content for your blog?


Building your brand requires more than having unique content, but also content that is interesting, engaging and satisfying the needs of your targeted audience.


Like most content marketers or bloggers, finding the right content can sometimes be frustrating and time-consuming. According to Joe Pulizzi


“Content Marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.”


Furthermore, know that it is a process of sharing relevant content to your audience with the aim of acquiring and converting them into clients and brand ambassadors.


So where do you get content ideas to generate compelling content for your blog and satisfy the needs of your audience?


6 Easy Ways To Generate Interesting Content For Your Blog


There are several ways to creating great content for your blog that will keep your audience wanting more. Some of these ways include;


1. Pinterest


Pinterest is a gold mine for blog topics or content ideas. Pick out a broadly related keyword and type in the search bar. Pinterest will help you generate similar boards or pins related to your search and give you more long tail keyword ideas that you can include in your blog.


For example, I typed in “blog content” and got several ideas like,


  • Plan your blog content
  • How to get killer blog content ideas
  • Content rich blog ideas
  • How to build a 6 figure blog
  • Content rules for blogging
  • How to design blog content


These are great ideas with long keyword phrases for you in case you wish to write a blog on content creation.



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2. Quora


Quora is another fantastic place to find great content ideas for your blog post.

Why great?

It is so because most of the content ideas for your blog comes from regular people like you and me asking questions and in search of answers for our problems. Using your relevant keywords, you can easily find problems your audience is facing and create blog posts to respond to these questions.


Don’t forget that content creation or blogging should be related to answering questions or providing solutions to the problems your targeted audience face.

Judging from the image above, you can see that I typed “blog content.”Look at several questions people on Quora have been asking.


They are good examples of content ideas which you can use to create interesting blog posts for your audience. There is also a possibility to search from the sidebar according to the time when the questions are submitted.



3. Buffer


I know that you are probably curious about what I have to say concerning this application. Buffer is a tool for social media scheduling that helps automate your content curation on several platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter.


The good thing about this is, they also provide you with a list of results from the analytics dashboard that can help you pick out what content your audience engages or likes the most. Some of these criteria are;


  • Most popular
  • Most retweets
  • Most likes
  • Most Clicks
  • Most Reach

From this, you can quickly select interesting blog topics (from the Most Popular Tab) that have the highest engagement for a period ( I always keep a record for about two months) and write a blog topic related to it.


4. BuzzSumo


Creating captivating content for your blog is of uttermost importance, and BuzzSumo is a great destination for such a quest.


The first image below gives you a view of what you see when you log into Buzzsumo. You have the possibility to search depending on what kind of content you need for your blog.

In my second image, you can see my keyword search at the top ” content for my blog.


Notice the results I get from this quest including the most trending topics related to it, the source and which networks had the most shares. It also gives you information about all those sharing, in case this is relevant to your quest for compelling content for your blog. You can upgrade to get more functionalities with this tool, but I use the free version.


5. Google Keyword Planner


Using Google Keyword Planner is another brilliant way to find great content for your blog.


It helps you research popular keywords related to your niche and see the volume of searches over the months or years. It gives you an idea what people in your niche are advertising online.


Remember that these are paid Ads meaning if these people are ready to X amount for these, it is important and surely bringing enough traffic to their websites. You can capitalize on these search results and develop content for your blog depending on search volume.


Just type in your keywords into Google Keyword Planner and copy the related keyword results to use for your blog.



6. Subscribe To Influencer Blogs And Podcast


One of the best ways to be a great blogger and always have exciting and fresh content for your blog is to subscribe to Influencers in your niche. By so doing, you learn from their style of writing and get their blog content delivered directly to you. It is the best way to stay aloof in your game and have an analysis of the kind of content they produce and share with their audience.


Note that; you should consider subscribing to Blogs and Podcast that are related to your niche to have constant upgrades and new blog topics weekly.


Download an RSS Feed reader like Feedly so you can have instant access to their blogs


In the case of a podcast, there are podcast apps like Podcast Addict that will enable you to get all your episodes downloaded to your phone for easy access.


To conclude, my advice to you as a blogger or content marketer is that, do not always have in mind that your content should be amazing and 100% perfect. Just write!


Whenever an idea comes to mind, have a pen and paper around you and jot them down. You can always rearrange or rewrite a full blog post just by putting together several written notes that you have on your agenda. Develop a habit of always having a notepad at your side because some of the best content ideas come when you are about sleeping or when cooking (in my case)


I hope you found some value from this post and will be able to develop or find great content in the future after reading this article.


Thanks for reading and let me what you think by commenting below.

Content For Your Blog
Content For Your Blog