Curious to know what my 6 free graphic design tools are? I am sure you are!


As a marketer, I can understand how difficult it can be designing graphics for your projects. Graphics and stunning images play a significant role in any successful marketing or social media campaign. Projects, articles or blog post with captivating visuals get more views and have a higher opening rate than those without.


Every marketer or entrepreneur should consider incorporating great graphics for successful marketing. Here we shall discuss some of these 6 free graphic design tools for busy entrepreneurs and marketers.


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6 Free Graphic Design Tools For Entrepreneurs


1. Canva

Free Graphic Design Tools

Canva is a straightforward and fantastic tool that everyone without prior graphic knowledge can use. This designer App lets you create stunning visuals from its easy to use interface. There are several tutorials available to help you navigate the app without much ado.


  • It recently has an IOS app releases for iPhone users to enable them to create visuals from their phones. The Android version is in development mode.
  • It also allows you to post newly designed images directly to your social media accounts.
  • Canva is free and has lots of free images at your disposal, and they also offer a paid version for more advanced features like downloading images with a transparent background and much more.
  • Canva has several premade templates ranging from Cards, Invitations, Flyers, Posters, Banners, Resumes, Certificates, Infographics, Book Covers, CD Covers, Presentations, Social Graphics, Business Cards, Letterheads, Postcards, Desktop Wallpapers, Photo Collages, Gift Certificates, Magazine Covers and so much more.

The possibilities with this tool are endless especially with these pre-made templates which enable you to tweak them quickly to suit your demands.


2. Venngage

Free Graphic Design Tools

Venngage is among my 6 free graphic design tools. This is because of its top infographic tool that lets you create stunning graphics even for complete newbies like me. The app also provides you with beautiful customizable templates like Canva and has easy drag and drop functionalities which are a big plus for those who are completely new to graphics and image formatting.

The app also provides you with beautiful customizable templates like Canva- It has easy drag and drop functionalities which are a big plus for those who are completely new to graphics and image formatting.

It also allows you upload your images to their system, and it is possible to share your graphics directly on social media. I will advise you, to begin with, the free version since it offers lots of possibilities to create beautiful graphics for free. Creating stunning infographics should be your top priority when using this tool.


3. Pablo By Buffer


Free Graphic Design Tools

Pablo is another top best tool for you.  I could not write about my 6 free graphic design tools without mentioning Pablo because it is easy to use even for complete dummies or beginners.

One of the advantages of Pablo is that it has a Google Chrome extension making it easy to capture and edit images from anywhere using the extension.

Pablo is free and a great free graphic design tool for busy entrepreneurs to create beautiful visuals for their marketing campaigns, blogs or quotes.

They have a library of 50 00 and more free stock images at your disposal for your projects, and you also have the possibility to upload your images too. Using Pablo, which is a product from Buffer, you can quickly post or schedule your pictures to your social channels.


4. Snappa

Free Graphic Design Tools

With the arrival of Snappa, you are also introduced to another easy graphic design tool like Canva to help you create graphics in a few minutes. Its functionalities which are similar to those of Canva, have limitless possibilities for creating stunning graphics. This tools also has pre-made templates for your social media post, Ads campaigns, blog headers, email templates and much more.


Their vault of hundreds of these pre-made templates makes it easy even for newbies. Some of the pros of this App include:


  • 3000+ vectors and shapes,
  • 12 000+ free photos and patterns,
  • 200+ fonts and typefaces,
  • Image effects and social media integration.


What I love most about Snappa is their fast and reliable customer support. I remember the excellent customer service they rendered me about a query I sent. Note that in spite of the free version; you can also upgrade to the paid one and get more functionalities and options.


5. Adobe Spark

Free Graphic Design Tools

It is a new graphic design tool with tons of functionalities hence it features among my 6 free graphic design tools. It took me a while to be able to navigate through their interface and get accustomed to it. Adobe Spark lets you create;


  • Stunning visual images in seconds,
  • Create compelling animated videos,
  • Transform words and images into beautiful web stories in minutes.
  • Most notably, lets you create images for several social media platforms at once making it a time-saving free graphic tool.


My advice is, you should sign up and play with the several features available especially creating graphics and videos for your projects. It is free so take advantage of their powerful free graphic design tool. iOS users have an app which enables them to create visuals on the go. Android users will have to be patient since the Android version is still under construction.


6. PicMonkey

Free Graphic Design Tools


PicMonkey just like the others is an excellent online graphic design tool now available on desktop, iOS and Android devices. It allows you; Create and edit photos and images with bold, attention-getting designs that make an impact. The cool backgrounds and responsive layouts and pattern swatches help produce dazzling effects to your graphics.


Would you want to edit photos like a boss? PicMonkey is the tool to use that lets you add dimension with one-click effects, banish those blemishes, and brighten those eyes or take it to the next level with advanced tools.


It has a free version which you can use with and later upgrade when the need arise. The paid version is about $4 a month which is still low compared to the paid versions of the other graphic design tools above. Worth noting is the numerous tutorials available to help you get started with editing your images and pictures.


To conclude, statistics show that articles or blog post with stunning graphic designs or eye-catching images get 94% more views and interactions as compared to those without.


Visual design tools may seem overwhelming for entrepreneurs as it is a time-consuming activity and requires extra expense. and skills. Reading from my explanation above about 6 free graphic design tools, you will gather that there are free tools available to create stunning visuals and increase interaction with your audience even if you have little or no skills.


Thanks for reading and as usual, I am happy to read your comments and suggestions.