LinkedIn leads are easy to get. Read through this article and see how you can dissect these 6 Myths To Awesome “LinkedIn Leads” For Your Business.


Do you think LinkedIn is only for recruiters and people looking for jobs? Unfortunately, many people still do not know that they can leverage this platform for business purposes.


Curious? I know you are right now…


LinkedIn is the most professional social media platform with mostly professional high-income earners and decision makers. Due to the professionalism of this platform, makes it a juicy destination to get quality LinkedIn leads for your business.


How To Design Your Profile To Generate LinkedIn Leads


Before we discuss the various ways to generate leads on LinkedIn, let’s first of all mention how to set up your profile to attract the right LinkedIn leads. Your LinkedIn profile is paramount to your brand, and you have to set it up correctly. Some of the points to note when setting it up are:


  • Select a good headline for your profile that represents your brand and grabs the attention of those interested in you.
  • You should also include a professional picture of you and a background picture to your profile.
  • Use the right keywords that you wish to rank for in the search engines especially in your headline, your work experience, past work experience, and the summary section of your profile.
  • Complete your Bio and education and work experience. Don’t forget to include any certifications you have.


Note that people do research every day, and you want to have a good profile with a bio and headline that reflexes your brand and the kind of audience you want to attract to you and your business.


Do not forget that if you have a LinkedIn profile and someone is doing research on you; your LikedIn profile always appears in search engines.


Ask yourself this question, how do people or prospects or my audience perceive me when they search my name on LinkedIn? When you start thinking about these issues, you will certainly create an excellent LinkedIn profile befitting your brand.




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6 Myths To Awesome “LinkedIn Leads” For Your Business


1. Join LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Leads


  • Join groups where you can find your potential customers or Buyer Personas. It is possible to join up to 50 groups on Linkedin and joining these groups is an excellent way to get exposure and will enable you to showcase your skills through content sharing ( blog post, articles, slide shares or powerpoint presentations)
  • Make sure you post valuable content in these groups and interact genuinely with your potential prospects. It is only during a genuine interaction with these prospects that you get to understand their problems. It is important because it makes it easier for you to convert or channel your Buyer Personas into your sales funnel for future interactions.
  • Linkedin groups also make it possible for you to do a search on its members based on several criteria and save those you consider as potential prospects.


After logging into one of your LinledIn groups, select the members that match your target audience and save each of them as LinkedIn Leads for future interactions like the picture below portrays.



LinkedIn Leads


2. Publish Your Blog Post On LinkedIn


No, I am not crazy!


Yes, many people do it!  Instead of just sharing your blog post on Linkedin (some people use an extract of it and link back to their website).

Make a copy of it and cross post or publish on LinkedIn directly. Do not forget to indicate at the end of the post a link to the original post on your blog for search engines.


Doing this gives more juice to your profile and make it appear more in searches. Even though you want traffic to your blog, your content gets more exposure too especially if you use the right tags at the end of the post hence exposing you to more prospects and potential LinkedIn leads.



3. Do A Search On LinkedIn

LinkedIn Leads

Linkedin is an excellent social platform for researching your prospects. It provides you with the ability to do in-depth research on keywords and even the location of your potential leads.


Get to the top of your page and click on the Advanced search button. Here you are presented with a wide variety of search options. Use these to target your prospects, make a list and start nurturing a good relationship with them.


Do not spam or pitch your business to them immediately!


4. Go Premium

I know you might start nodding your head, but I assure you that taking the premium option has tremendously increased my visibility on LinkedIn and increase my Leads and sales.


It is like a new door of opportunity opens up for you! I was hesitating taking up the premium version, but I am happy I made the decision.


The premium version integrates Linkedin Business Premium features that include a sales navigator ( sales prospect management tool) with the Lead Builder included too.

With the paid account, you can see everyone who has viewed your profile for the last 90 days even if you are in the incognito mode.


On the other hand, with the standard account, you can only see the last five people who visited your profile, and you should consider connecting with them.


The good side about this is, most people who visit your profile are usually your competitors, clients, recruiters, prospects or friends. It is beneficial because it provides you with an analysis of individuals who view your profile.

You can streamline and save those you consider as prospects to your business for future follow ups. Below is an example of the Lead Builder Page with the possibility to do detail searches.

LinkedIn Leads

5. Using Saved Searches


It is possible to do a series of searches of your prospects and group them for future references. With the standard account, you have the possibility to have three saved searches.


With the premium account, you can have up to seven. It is a powerful tool because each time anyone new has the same characteristics like your saved searches, LinkedIn sends you a notification so you can connect with them!


It feels like they are informing you each time you have a new lead! It is a fantastic tool that I will recommend you start using in case you are not. It is free for the first month so you can try it out and see its potentials before indulging from the second month.



6. Make New Connections


Genuine connections on LinkedIn without self-promotions at the beginning can be very resourceful for you in the long term and in generating LinkedIn Leads.


Using the Advanced Search button above (or the premium search buttons for paid members) can help in a detailed search of the people who are typical of your Buyer Persona.


Send them a connecting request and if they accept, endeavor to:

  • Send them a welcome message after going through their page and having a basic knowledge of what they do
  • Endorse their skills on their profile. You can do this on the first day you connect with them or in subsequent days
  • Like and comment on their recent updates. It is very easy on Linkedin especially if you log in from your desktop computer. It appears on the top right and you to do that with one click.
  • Wish them a happy birthday on their birthdays and congratulate them on recent achievements or when they start a new job or celebrating a job anniversary ( you will get a notification from LinkedIn when this happens)
  • Tag or send them original articles or blog post that you think will solve their problems and draw them closer to you and your sales funnel.


Of course, you can not do this with all your LinkedIn connections, but you should consider doing this to all those whom you have studied and find that they have characteristics of your Buyer Persona. Regularly engaging with them will build a solid relationship and trust too.


To conclude, I still firmly believe in the potentials of LinkedIn for business, and I know you can also find useful LinkedIn leads from this platform if you have a solid LinkedIn Leads Strategy and implement it daily.


You can also indulge in some Paid Ads if your budget is flexible and can cater for it.


As always, I love to read your comments and suggestions. Let me know what you think and thanks for reading.