Benchmark Email marketing automation-The future of Digital Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the leading and the fastest growing Digital marketing platform. It is evolving at a faster rate. While the leading Digital marketers organize newsletters and email marketing campaigns, Automation in Email marketing continues to the lead most campaign results.

This is because automation helps to customize emails according to the needs and requirements of the customers. As a result, automated emails drive more traffic and the profits for any business.

Let us first understand, what exactly is the new Benchmark Email Marketing AutomationTool all about?


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Just like other marketing campaigns, automated email marketing reaches out to the specific customers when they meet certain criteria.

For example, an Automated Thank You mail from a company will ask an individual to give the feedback of the services by clicking “Good,”” Bad,” or “Best” services options.

It would simply be a waste of time and energy to customize Thank You emails manually and send out to people who availed the services of a company.

However, in the case of emails, automation would be much easier, and Benchmark Email has a robust system for that.


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What is the importance of Email Automation for any business?


1. Builds A Solid Relationship With Your Customers

It helps companies to send automated emails to the customers on an occasional basis. This creates a healthy bond between the client and the company. The more you communicate with your leads, the higher your chances of converting them into paying customers.

2. Direct Communication With Your Customer

Promotion social media platforms are great, but you need to create offers and convert your fans into your sales funnel.

Email marketing automation, in this case, helps you to communicate directly with your end-user. You can target and build segmented email campaigns to nurture this relationship.


3. Helps In Building Your Brand

Emails contribute in building your brand. Sending targeted emails with valuable content keeps your name “fresh” in your consumer`s and lead`s minds.

4. Saves Time

Automating your email marketing campaigns saves time. It creates an opportunity for you to concentrate on other tasks in your business.


What are the salient features of Benchmark Email Marketing Automation that make it a perfect marketing platform?


• Automation Pro Tool:

This tool from Benchmark Email has great templates that will help you to keep track of the customers’ journey. These are based on the customers’ behavior in the past.



It will also assist you to create fully automated journeys that your leads will follow. These journeys can be individually triggered by your subscribers when they sign up based on their activities on your website.

These triggers combined can create a perfect customer journey that is geared at converting them into paying clients.


• Automation Onboarding template:

The Automation Onboarding Template from Benchmark Email helps in onboarding new leads into your email list. Before getting started, you’ll need to create;
A Lead List
Customer List
Loyal Customer List

Using these templates on your site can assist you in converting visitors to subscribers, and then potential buyers.

Note that your lead list should be your target entry point.

For Example:
10% discount on the next purchase of any item from your store in exchange for their email addresses for further marketing emails. This is a classic example to get new leads based on your offer.

Using the templates provided, you can track Webinar sign ups and get people to download a white paper and much more.


• Automation Pro Customer loyalty Template:

These templates will help you to interact with your most loyal subscribers based on their engagement with your emails.


It helps in nurturing your relationship with your list by sending them emails after a given period. This is one of the best ways to promote your brand and to build a durable subscribers base. It is one of the highlights from Benchmark Email as you can expect to get better email marketing automation results using these template.


• Automation Pro-Purchase confirmation template:

Automation Pro-Purchase confirmation template from Benchmark Email provides assistance in differentiating and segmenting customers who have already purchased products or services from you and those who are still in the process.

The goal here is to differentiate the subscribers who engage and open most of your emails put them into various lists.

Compiling this list will help to reduce confusion between your subscribers so that you can send tailor-made messages based on their needs and how engaged they are.

• Automation Pro: Converting lead template:

Now is the time to convert your subscribers to customers and this tool helps to facilitate the process.

Benchmark Email has made it possible by providing templates to give enticing offers to your subscribers to make them buy from your website.

Before getting started with these templates, you’ll be advised to set up a Purchase Confirmation Journey. Setting this up will prevent you from sending emails to customers that were intended for leads.

These Converting Lead Templates facilitate in building sequences that will convert leads to paying customer.



Automation Pro: Purchase Confirmation Template

These templates from Benchmark Email assist in identifying subscribers who have purchased from you and segmenting them into separate lists. This will further help in future automated email sequences dedicated to your customers only.


Engagement Automation

The engagement automation from Benchmark Emails is unique and helps you to build unique sales or follow-up sequence based on a variety of user interaction with your content.

You have an email campaign running with several automated sequences to follow based on the actions each member of your list takes.

Whenever anyone opens the email or clicks on any links in it, automatically triggers another sequence.



Whenever you run any automated email marketing campaign, do not forget to keep a check on the end results of your campaigns.

Marketing without analyzing the results after a given period is like working endlessly without any interest.

I love using Benchmark Email to achieve this purpose in my marketing. What tools do you use to automate yours?