Content marketing tools?

Most business owners only care about cost and revenue. Content marketing is the intersection between advertising and commercialization.

Great content attracts the right audience.

When you have an audience, it gives room for advertisement plans.

Low-quality content attracts little to no audience.

No audience means no plans to advertise or advertising.

People buy from those they like and trust. Why should anyone buy from you instead of your competitors?

Gone are the days when radio spots and billboard ads were rampant and created successful advertising campaigns for companies.

Nowadays content is king. Great content with unique value attracts potential clients to you. I know that it can be overwhelming to create and manage your content marketing strategy.


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Here are a few content marketing tools that you should be using to create compelling campaigns and attract the right audience to your business.


Best Content Marketing Tools You’re Not Using But You Should


1. Copify

Excellent writing is challenging and difficult to find. Much less on a consistent basis. Creating quality content that attracts the right audience requires much researching and designing before publishing.

Copify is unique in that; it qualifies the process so that only the top copywriters produce content for you.


2. BuzzSumo

We cannot talk about content marketing without mentioning BuzzSumo. It is one of the top content marketing tools used by many marketers. It is also best known for identifying the topics that have the most shares the most, and the influencers who are sharing.


3. EpicBeat

This is one of my go-to content marketing tools and functions almost like BuzzSumo. It helps you find trends, content, and influencers that matter.

You can sort out content regarding:

  • Relevance,
  • Time of publication,
  • Shares.


4. Atomic Reach

It is one of the top content marketing tools that you can use to set up and edit your digital content.
The Share Module ensures that all of your content is distributed at the right time. It also curates content that is optimal for your audience.
The Engage feature gives you analysis of your content in the social media world. The Interact feature provides you with real time trending discussions which you can republish with one click.


5. Portent’s Content Idea Generator

How do you generate titles for your blog posts?

If you are new to blogging, this could be an obstacle to frequent blogging. But after a while and acquiring skills, it gets much better and more comfortable to create them. It is a learned skill.

With Portent’s Content Idea Generator, you’ll never bump your head again in search of unique blog titles.

Pro tip:

I’ll advise you to use this tool together with Epic Beat and BuzzSumo for the best of both worlds. After running content ideas in this tool, generator search, compare the results to the top performing content on BuzzSumo and Epic Beat.

Trust me; you’re not alone if you’re struggling to generate compelling blog post titles. I hope this tool will help bridge the gap as you get started with effective content marketing efforts.



This content marketing tool finds questions and queries your consumers have and provide a free report of what they’re searching for on Google and YouTube. Here is a search result for “content marketing” using this tool. It has provided a vast variety of blog topics from what people search on YouTube and Google.

How cool is that?


7.  Invanto

Invanto is a content marketing platform that brings so much fun in building online businesses again. Its platform provides an easily build arena for beautiful online courses, membership sites, training portals, and a lot more.

Yes, you got me right!

I was astonished when I found it and since then have dished my other membership site platforms and now focus on it alone. Are you using Kajabi, Teachable, Thinkific…etc to create and host your courses?

Oh, and you don’t need any ThriveCart or SamCart for payments!

Think twice and watch this from Invanto




It has all of your tools in one place. No need to get an extra tool to handle your payments etc. Some of the benefits of this content marketing tool include:

  • Video & Content Hosting
  • Multi-language Support
  • Custom Domains
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Beautiful Checkout Experience, and a lot more…

Grab this link (affiliate link)and get started with a Freemium account where you can host Unlimited Courses and/or sell Unlimited Products and host an Unlimited amount of members in your membership site.


8.  Shakr

Shakr is the best video maker for any small business owner. It is one of the best content marketing tools for creating advertisements, social media and e-commerce stores videos. It provides you with;

  • Beautiful design area
  • Drag and drop design layouts
  • Video clips and designs


Here is an example. Creating Instagram Stories Ads using this tool.


9. Serpstat

There is no way I would complete this list without mentioning my favorite SEO tool. It is a smart and powerful content marketing tool that provides information on researching and creating quality SEO content. Some of its features include:

  • Backlinks Analysis
  • Rank Tracking
  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Site Audit.

Some refer to it as an alternative to Ahref while others say it is a complete tool for your SEO content marketing needs.



10.  Airstory

Airstory is one of the new content marketing tools that I have been using. It is a writing software that makes it easy to turn steaky notes, research, and ideas into written pieces of content.

The Airstory WordPress plugin makes it easy to send content to your WordPress blogs using its plugin.

Side Note: Your site must be https compatible to use this plugin.


11. JustReachOut

One thing is clear. No matter how good your content may be, It ‘s hard to reach out to journalists for PR issues.
JustReachOut is a service that makes PR easier and more affordable for startups and business owners. They provide you with:

  • The most relevant Quora & Reddit threads so you can participate and reach out to journalists
  • A data base to find writers and journalists looking for a source for their story.
  • The possibility to track your email pitches and know if and when they open it.
  • A medium where you can search for journalist that best suit your needs.


Have you ever been lost for ideas? Working on a marketing campaign and need some creativity to it? Search no more.

GetMeMedia is one of the best content marketing tools that act as a smart directory for agency planners. Marketers use it to search for marketing, media, sponsorship ideas, case studies and much more to promote their content.

13.  Marketo

Marketo has a combination of tools that make your content marketing a whole lot easier. It ‘s hard to pinpoint which of their tools is the best. They help tie all of your content marketing into one dashboard from;

  • Email marketing
  • Lead generation
  • Consumer marketing
  • Customer Base marketing
  • Mobile marketing.

Its Predictive Content tools further help in:

  • Crawling your site and then recommending what content you should show your audience.
  • Helps you engage with the right people at the right time.
  • Boost results and increase your ROI with predictive recommendations.

14.  Curata

Curata is one of the content marketing tools that are designed for both beginners and advanced marketing professionals. It provides assistance in:

  • Streamlining your content,
  • Finding the best content without any hassle,
  • Organizing your content,
  • Publishing and promoting your content from anywhere,
  • Analyzing all of your marketing and sales funnels.


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15.  Contently

Contently is a data-driven approach and an award-winning content marketing software that helps you:

  • Create content that resonates with your audience.
  • Connect you with the right content creators and
  • Optimize your content for better results in your marketing campaigns.


We have talked about several content marketing tools. My question is, how useful is your content marketing strategy?
No matter how useful your content marketing tools are, success starts with having an effective strategy.

According to Content Marketing Institute, only 30% of B2B marketers say they effective at content marketing.



16. Interact

Interact is one of my top content marketing tools for creating lead generation quizzes, polls and surveys. Yep, you got me right! They have contributed to considerable success in building my email list…with quality leads.

This prompted me to write this article about this content marketing tool and how you can use it in your content marketing strategy to;

  • Create interactive quizzes, surveys, and polls,
  • Engage with your audience,
  • Build your email list,
  • Drive sales and
  • Grow your social proof.

Here is a sample quiz I created that is filling up my funnel with quality leads.


17. Reveal

Please tell me that you know about this tool! Reveal is the most revolutionized content marketing tool for advanced automation for Facebook Ads. Some of its outstanding features include:

  • Facebook Ads optimization.
  • Auto-boosting your post.
  • Scheduled reports ( for agencies or individuals who want monthly details about their Ads performances.
  • Helps you manage thousands of Facebook Ads through automation.


If you are serious about your Facebook Ads, you may want to try it for 14 days and see this tool in action.


18. PixelMe

There is no successful marketing campaign without analytics and data. These are the main reason why any content marketer would focus on a particular strategy, i.e., one that produces the best results. PixelMe is here to help.

This content marketing tool provides data on all the links you share on

  • Social Media
  • Emails
  • Forums etc.

It comes with the ability to pixel all those clicking on your links thereby building a retargeting list for targeted Advertisement on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. Their paid plan starts with a 7-day free trial. No credit card required.


19. CrankWheel

CrankWheel is a content marketing tool for smart marketers who want instant screen share while on the phone with a prospect. As Dave Orrico said:

“The No. 1 key to success in today’s sales environment is speed. The salesperson who delivers the most valuable information to their customer or prospect first wins the game.”

That’s why I love CrankWheel because it gives you this opportunity to share your screen and clarify any doubts to your prospects while the idea is still “hot” in their minds instead of sending them a link to schedule a call (which most do not show up to)

Why not strike when the iron is still very hot and close the deal?


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Are you among those who do not have a strategy that brings in sales and new customers to your business daily? Do not hesitate to reach out for help or Book a Free call with me.

Are there any content marketing tools that you love which I did not mention above?