High Converting Landing Pages?



I am confident that if you are reading this article, you are in search of answers on how to make one that converts.

You may be familiar with some of these points but today I want us to discuss in details how to optimize these landing pages to increase conversion.

So what is a landing page? I do not want to assume that you all know what it is. For the benefit of doubt,

A landing page is any web page that is designed exclusively to capture email addresses and/ or make a sale and also has an opt-in form.

High converting landing pages contribute to conversion rate optimization and literally run your business when you’re not there.

Just so that you know, there is no standard formula to creating high converting landing pages. But there are some guidelines or similarities in all high converting landing pages.


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How To Create “High Converting Landing Pages”

1. General Appearance


The first thing that should stand out is the appearance. Before your visitors get to your landing page, they have most likely clicked on an Ad.


Having this in mind, you should be direct and go straight to the point with the purpose of your landing page.


You have a few minutes to grab their attention.


When there are too many options to choose from in your landing page, it becomes a confusing for your audience.
Some of the aspects to note here are:


  • Your headline design should stand out, be big and bold. Note that a high converting landing page has only one purpose; to get people to act and that should be associated with a clear CTA button.

Generally, on average, 8 to 10 people will read your headlines, but only 2 to 3 will read the entire article.

  •  It should be short and straight forward. If you have an image that compliments it, do not hesitate to juxtapose them together.
  • Your subheadline should be placed directly below your main headline. It should foster and expand on your original headline.
  •  Make sure that your logo is at the top so that your visitors can associate you with the offer.
  • If you can, add a video too ( honestly, it is advisable). It increases your conversion rate plus enhances your authenticity to your audience.


2. Branding & Graphics


High converting landing pages ALWAYS have beautiful and eye-catching graphics. It is all about the imagery and beauty of the page.


Remember, a human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than regular text. A user will be affected by the pictures and the overall design on your landing page immediately.


Your landing page should have the overall feeling like that of your website. It should not feel or look different; You want to keep your branding intact by;

  •  Consider having your logo at the top of the landing page.
  • Using the same brand colors and fonts. In case your brand fonts consist of a calligraphy one, consider changing. A font that stands out and is easily readable can lead to high converting landing page
  • Some people may debate about button colors. You should review and make the button color contrast (NOT blend in) with the surrounding design and fonts.
  • You should also include arrows and boxes to bring more highlight to the CTA ( call to action) This will enable your audience to take take the necessary measures.
  •  Avoid using free stock photos. Endeavor to add a piece of graphic or fine tune it to suit your brand. Everyone can use free stock photos, so you want to use those that are not free or take pictures of your team and showcase on your landing page.

3. White Space


Even though you want to give out much information to convert your visitors, consider having a lot of white space too.


The fewer writings you have, the easier your message and call to action will be.


This will help to give your visitors a sense of urgency and clarity in your message.




Here is a good example from HootSuite on how white space a can go a long way. From this example, one thing stands out, and that is the CTA at the bottom. They want you to take action.


4. Your Offer


High converting landing pages have this in common. Your offer is the biggest part of your success and how you chose to present it is of uttermost importance.

What are you ready to give for Free in exchange for their email addresses and get them into your funnel?

How can you convince people who do not know you to take action and readily give you their names and email address ( sometimes phone numbers) or take action your page?

You have to think like your audience.

Find out their “paining points” and see how you can solve it with your offer,

Your offer should be so irresistible that they will not want to refuse.

  • Offering them for example, free consultation in exchange for them signing up for your courses.
  • Giving them a 1-month free access to your complete product package.
  • Offering free maintenance to your products if they sign up for a 6 contract.

According to Poornima Vijayashanker CEO of BizeeBee


” I think making the value proposal around pricing helps the most. People want to know what they are getting for a monthly subscription fee. You have to showcase the specific features and tie it to intangible values as well such as “getting paid on time.”



5. Be Specific

Do not give room for guesses or choices. Make your CTA stand out with one concise intent.


Note that, the social media audiences wants you to get to the point quickly, especially when selling something.


Be specific and do not offer many options. This is typical of most high converting landing pages


6. Show Social Proof


We all tend to look up to products or services that other are using and have approved. This is most often in the form of testimonials. It works great in the mind of your audience because they get to understand that people like them are currently using it too.


In case you are still new in your business, testimonials from Beta testers can also be useful for your landing page.


Some companies offering landing pages include


To conclude, as I mentioned above, there is no static formula to a high converting landing page. All you need is to do is adapt it to your client’s needs and tweak it as often as possible till it rocks! AB testing is a must to enhance landing pages that convert.