Facebook is the largest social network with over 1 billion active users

If you are not leveraging Facebook and using Killer Facebook Ads for your business, then you are deemed for doom.

For small businesses and new start-ups, there are many opportunities to drive offers to a targeted audience here. Facebook has made advertising for the small business crowd more demanding regarding placement of ads and reach because they are more supportive of larger advertisers.

To create a Killer Facebook Ad, you start by having an objective to the Ad.

  1. What do you want to advertise?
  2. What is your social media marketing strategy?
  3. Your budget allocation and how long it will last.
  4. Having these in mind will help you pick the right Ads for your business on Facebook.

Why use Facebook Ads?

  • Because it helps you target your right audience or market.
  • Helps to deliver your message or products and services to the right people on a daily basis.
  • It also enables you to upload your email list to Facebook and create look-alike audiences for retargeting and marketing.
  • Enables you to create Ads and target Fans of your competitors Facebook Pages and maybe gain some of their customers and audience too.
  • Enables you to place retargeting pixels on your web site and follow all of your website visitors on Facebook.This is great especially to increase conversion and sales.

A Successful and Killer Facebook Ad has 2 things in common

  • Great Design
  • Right Targeting Audience

 Here Are Some Tips On How To Create Killer Facebook Ads For Newbies


1. Create A Facebook Page



This is the first stage on advertising on Facebook. You should have a page to be able to carry out adverts.

First of all, create one and choose the right category that best represents your business or brand.

Designing a Facebook page and incorporating branding and company information is great. Adding compelling content with keyword rich words will also enhance your SEO strategy. Check out these Facebook Page Basics.

Killer Facebook Ads
2. Choose An Objective For Your Campaign

What do you want to achieve from the advertisement?

This is a checklist you must go through before setting up your Killer Facebook Ads. Facebook Ads Manager is set up in a way to help you achieve this goal. As you can see, you have several objectives to choose from. Make the right choice depending on your goals and proceed. Some of these options include:

Page Post Engagement

Getting more people to like and engage with your post.

Page Like

Building your page audience by getting more Likes.

Click to a website

Bring more people to your website from Facebook.

Website Conversion

Track actions people take on your website after they have seen your Facebook Ads.

App Install

Grow your Apps and get more people to download and install it.

App Engagement

Get more people to engage with your App by directing them to specific places on it.

Lead Adverts

This will drive potential customers to sign up or download whats ever you are offering them.

Local Awareness

New to business in your area? This will help to create local awareness of your brand.

Carousel Ads

A great way of advertising several products or service in one Advert using a carousel or several photos joined together.


A lightweight video advert that brings your business to live without the restrictions of a full video. It is a brilliant way to show cast your brand´s story.

Event Response

Let people be aware of any upcoming event in your business. When people join, the event will be added to their Facebook calendar.

Video View

Design adverts to increase engagement and views on your videos.

Offer A Claim

Creating an offer or a discount will attract more people to engage and do business with you
Killer Facebook Ads
3. Choose Your Target Audience
Killer Facebook Ads

With more than one billion active Facebook users, Facebook’s Ads Manager is like a one-stop shop that lets you reach the ones who are most relevant to your business.

With a conventional understanding of your brand’s target market, it’s simple to reach the types of quality customers who will most likely find interest in your brand or products.

Who do you want to see your advertisement on Facebook?

Make a list and be specific about it. The more specific you are, the more you have chances of a higher conversion rate. This can depend on so many other factors like,

  1. Gender
  2. Age
  3. Education
  4. Location
  5. Interest and so much more

If your brand wants to create killer Facebook Ads that perform well(and who doesn’t?!), a more sophisticated targeting approach is necessary.

When done with this, and you are sure of your audience, head over to Facebook Ads Manager and select it.

NB: Facebook also lets you create a target audience and store for future usage in other campaigns. There is also the possibility to change your targeting audience and create a new one for the same campaign or a new one. Learn more about Facebook Audience here.

4. Make Your Budget

After choosing your audience, the next step to a Killer Facebook Ads is the budget. Make a plan and decide on how much you want to spend on advertisement. This will all depend on your objectives and you can choose from a weekly, monthly or yearly budget and make sure you maximize and use it effectively. My advice is to start from $5 a day and see how it performs. If you get leads or a high conversion rate, you can boost or increase the budget to $15 or $20. Always have at least 2 different Ads running so you can monitor which one performs better.

Killer Facebook Ads
5. Design Your Ad

This is the challenging and creative part of your Facebook Ads. Here you get to decide how you want your Ads to appear. Select the photos you’ll need and the text. Note that your photos should have just 20% text to get approved by Facebook. You’ll have to decide on;

A single photo that has a link attached to it,

Or many pictures ( max 5 photos) with your Ads. Your audience will have to click on these photos to view them all.

You can also use Facebook Canvas to create amazing Ads for your audience. This you can access through Facebook Publishing Tools or through The Power Editor for those who don’t yet have it in the Publishing Tools area.

Since your headline is short, it is worth noting that you want to create an appealing Ad with memorable words to intrigue people to click through.The call- to- action button should stand out and be clear and distinctive.

Always track your Ads and watch the success rate. You can always make alterations on the images, text, and design and see which works best or delivers the best result. AB testing is the best here, and you should consider that every 3 days until you find what works well.

6. Place Your Ad

After all the designing and targeting, place your Ad and preview how it looks on Desktop, Mobile, and Sidebar. There is no specific waiting time (ranges from 5 minutes and above) I recall once I waited for almost a day for my Ads approval. Facebook will send you a notification once approved then you can track your Ads from the Ads dashboard or from the Ads App on your phone.


Facebook like all of the other social media channels is always evolving. It is my hope that you can use these simple steps to create Killer Facebook Ads for your business


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