Facebook contest ideas are one of the leading areas where most business owners focus on when growing their brand online.

This is because of the latest Facebook updates and promotions guidelines allowing brands to run Facebook contests on their Fan Page.

It is also an excellent strategy to build your email list while also keeping your Facebook fans engaged with your brand.

Even though this is a fantastic method to drive brand engagement, many business owners still struggle to come up with Facebook contest ideas for their overall Facebook marketing strategy.


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11 Facebook Contest Ideas That You Can Deploy in 2018


1 “Like and Comment” To Win

This is a quick and easy- to- run Facebook promotion that gets your post more traction.
Ask your participants to add a random comment, answer a question, or just a symbol!

To get started, you can share a video, photo or link, state the rules and inform your audience of the price at the end of it.

Some examples include:

  • Comment below for a chance to win a free mug: The best kind of [INSERT] is _____________. Get the most likes or your comment by 4 pm PST tomorrow to win!
  • Comment below, what year was [FAN PAGE NAME] founded? The first person with the right answer gets [INCENTIVE]
  • We’re launching a new item to our gallery and want your feedback. Please comment below and tell us what ingredient you think we should add to the piece pictured below. Each winner will get a free piece! We’ll announce the winner on our page at 2 pm PST tomorrow.


2. Caption “This” Contest

This is one of my fun Facebook contest ideas, and I am a huge fan of it. With this type of promotion, you can either;

  • Tell your participants to comment to win or
  • You select a random winner yourself.


Caption this! Comment below with your ideas. Comments that get the most reactions will win an [INCENTIVE]. Winners will be picked tomorrow at 2 pm EST.

Here is an example from M.D Quality Painting. They ran this contest with the chance of winning a $25 Dunkin’ Donuts gift card.



3. Like To Win Contest

“Like to Win” Facebook contests are the most popular and easy contest to run.

Most business owners who are looking to run a quick Facebook contest to reward fans use the “Like to Win” contest to encourage their fans to take part.

Your fans only need to “Like” a specific post to enter the contest and increase their chances of winning.
Note that these types of contests drive tons of participants due to its “easy” nature.

An example of a “Like to Win” contest:



4. “Comment” to Win Facebook Contest

Comment to win – like the “like to win” are some of the Facebook comment ideas you can implement on your page.

However, note that Facebook’s algorithm gives more weight to comments than to likes so using this strategy will get your post more traction.

Here is an example:

Your favorite things to do at the beach is _______. Share your favorite beach-day hobby with us, and you could win a trip to Cancun for Spring Break! Giveaway ends at 4 pm tomorrow.


5. Best Photo Facebook Sweepstake

Ask your fans to submit photos to your Facebook contest. The images that get the most likes and reactions wins. The good thing about this is most people tend to add their family and friends to increase their possibilities of winning.

Guess what?

These types of contests might also increase the “likes” on your page and grow your brand.

Note that photo contests get fewer participants because of its higher entry barrier compared to the other Facebook contests ideas.



6. Facebook Live Giveaways & Contest

If you have embraced Facebook Live, this idea is an excellent choice for you to promote your Facebook giveaways or sweepstakes.

Use this strategy to generate a buzz around your contest. Announce the giveaway as part of the description of your Facebook Live, and also mention it at the start of the broadcast.

Let your viewers know they must stay tuned until the end to find out how to enter!


7. Facebook Song Contest

Here is an example of one you can use.

My favorite song is ________ by _______. Post your favorite song and artist below and win tickets to the next show! We’ll select a winner from the comments at 8 pm on Thursday!


8. Trivia, Knowledge-Testing Contest

Asking your audience relevant question and requiring them to answer is an excellent way to gauge their level of knowledge about your products or services.

It can also offer you with the kinds of background information you might need to discuss when talking to potential clients about your product or service.

Sometimes it compels people to seek more information from your website.

Start by posing a series of questions, then point users to your website to find the information.

How cool is that?

This will encourage people who may never have visited your site to do so.


Guess how much calories are in the Jelly Beans jar pictured below. The person with the right answer will win a free ONE year supply of Jelly Beans!

We`ll pick the winners at 5 pm EST tomorrow.


9. Crowdsource Facebook Contest

This is perhaps the most useful and satisfying Facebook contest ideas in this list.
It gets your fans to take part while giving you excellent hints on how to best solve their problems.

This Facebook contest gets them to play a significant role in helping you make your final decisions.

It could be questions like:

  • Select a new logo for your business,
  • Decide on the name for a new product or service etc.

Here’s an example how to run a crowdsourcing contest:


10. Refer-a-Friend Facebook Promotion

The title says it all. Refer a friend to increase your chances of winning the Facebook contest.

When people enter your sweepstake, you give them an extra chance to win each time they share your contest with a friend (or tag a friend), and the friend enters.

It’s a win-win situation, since those who refer their friends increase their chance of winning and you increase the number of people who enter.

11. Fill In The Blank Contest

You can turn your giveaway into a game and expect your fans to want to play along with you! Ask questions or statements requiring them to fill in the blanks as a step to win a chance at your prize.

Here is an example of Dove’s “Real Beauty Should Be Shared” contest on Facebook. They ran a fill-in-the-blank promotion and asked their Fans to tell them why their friend ‘represents Real Beauty,’ by filling in their friend’s name and two things that make them beautiful.


Dove was different and did not opt for fancy prizes. Instead, the selected winners became their next faces of Dove.



Those are a few Facebook contest ideas you can run from your timeline. Feel free to get creative and use them to drive traffic back to your site, increase engagement on your page and grow your following.

What are some of the excellent Facebook contest ideas you’ve seen? Do you run or plan to run contests or sweepstakes on Facebook Page?