How Good Is Your Facebook Marketing Strategy?

Is your Facebook Marketing Strategy the very focus of all your marketing efforts?


It probably should be.

As a Small Business or Practice owner, you must have heard that you “should” be using Facebook marketing strategy to promote your services.


After all, with over two billion active users, you`re sure to find your target market on this platform.

But creating a Facebook Page and getting a few likes from friends won’t do your business OR Practice any good.

I also know that learning how to take full advantage of Facebook’s marketing power can be overwhelming too.

But it doesn’t have to so.

If you’re not 100% happy with the number of sales/customers you’re getting, chances are you’re dropping potential customers along their buying journey.

Writing a high-performing Facebook Ads or creating an overall Facebook Marketing Strategy is part art and part science.

Thankfully, you don’t to have waste a lot of time, money and effort to achieve the results you are looking for.

Let me help you fix this!


Why Bother About Your Facebook Marketing Strategy?


Enhancing your Facebook marketing will help in:

  • Building your email list via Facebook.
  • Using Facebook to pitch, sell, and close.
  • Getting likes, shares, and comments which is an important factor according to the latest Facebook Algorithm changes
  • Managing your Facebook page efficiently and effortlessly and more!
  • Attracting your ideal prospects into your marketing funnels.

Whether you’re looking for your first 100 likes or your first 10,000, this quiz will help determine your pathway and make Facebook your most effective marketing tool.


Note!  You won’t see results overnight because it is a process that needs constant optimization.


Take this quiz to see if your Facebook marketing strategy /skills are expert-level…or if you could use a  few refresher tips.