Facebook Profile Cover Video! Yep, You Can Now Rock It.




Like most of you, I have always wanted to use a video on my Facebook profile cover. Unfortunately, this option has only been available to Facebook pages.

Note that Facebook added the possibility to add 360-degree photos straight from the Facebook app with no specialized cameras or tools.


Today while playing with my profile, I discovered that I could add a video to my Facebook profile cover.

I still can’t believe it, but it is so real.


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How To Install The New Facebook Profile Cover Video


First, click on the camera icon on your Facebook profile cover video icon.

Select Artwork from the drop-down menu.

Voila! You´ll now see 5 different Facebook profile cover videos and 19 backgrounds arts to choose.


This is one step towards making our Facebook profiles sparkle. I am sure you have been waiting for that too.
Oh before I forget, these Facebook profile cover videos are generic.

I know this comes as a disappointment to some of you ( me included), but I hope it´s a giant step towards introducing more options like:

  • The possibility to upload our own branded videos.
  • Maybe even live stream and connect to your profile cover!


Dream dream! I guess it´s not too bad to dream and hope for the best.

Sounds ridiculous? I don’t think so! I think we might move towards that point.


How Can You Rock Facebook Profile Cover Video?

It makes your profile stand out for now.

Gives it a cool effect.


I hope in the future that…

  • Individuals working for brands can use it to highlight their services.
  • Or as an educational platform to warm up cold leads.
  • Show off their branding and enhance their Facebook marketing strategy.
  • It serves as an excellent means for freelances to attract attention to their products or services.

Over to you, what are your suggestions or feelings about it?

Would you rock these new Facebook Profile Cover Video on your profile? Or are you waiting (hoping) for the possibility to upload your branded videos?