Are you amongst the millions of people wanting to work from home? Do you need advice on how to get legitimate stay at home jobs for free? In this era of digitalization and freedom, more people are considering working from the comfort of their homes. This new wave and burgeoning field of millennials and baby boomers who want to work from home are a result of several factors including:

  • The need to be home with family and still make a living. It is typically the case of single parents or physically challenged people in the society,
  • Individuals who are less willing to keep their 9 to 5 jobs and want more money and fewer constraints, i.e., working on your on accord and timing,
  • Extra income working from home part time as a side income to their primary jobs,
  • Full-time students with less time hence working part time from home,
  • Retirees who still have the passion and wish to work full time or part time from home.


Whatever may be the case, working from home full-time is becoming more common, and many people are taking to it.


Due to the high volume of work from home jobs, there is the rise of questions about which of them is legitimate, worth your while and lucrative. Let’s discuss some of these jobs below;



Some Legitimate Stay At Home Jobs 



1. Blogging

It is one of the legitimate stay at home jobs and pays well. There are a few things common with those who succeed in this field which include;

  • Focus
  • Time
  • Well optimized website

Blogging can be an enjoyable stay- at- home job if you choose a niche that you love hence no constraints developing blog topics. You can decide to self-host your blog using or pay a monthly fee and get one hosted by an organization or company. Some of these companies include;






There are also companies like MLSP that offer blog hosting and tons of training on how to build your business online and provide value to your audience.

Legitimate Stay At Home Jobs

2. Freelance Writing

Do you master your language and have a good vocabulary? Freelance writing is a good alternative too. It is an excellent legitimate stay at home job opportunity not only for stay at home moms and dads but also for students wishing to work part time.

The freelance writing ranges from writing articles for magazines to writing blogs post for bloggers, ghost blogging, writing Ebooks or children’s books, writing resumes and much more. You get paid in hours or words (you get paid according to the number of words you write). Some of the companies offering freelance writing jobs include;


3. Making And Posting Videos On Youtube


We all know Youtube is a great place to find illustrative answers to our questions. I am sure you all get questions several times about the recipe to your delicious cake or how to set up your garden so beautifully. It can also be your strategy in organizing your home or recommendations about a car you own.

We get all these questions daily, and you can use them and start shooting videos daily providing answers and illustrations. Don’t forget to accept advertisement on your videos to earn from it. Youtube pays every month, and you must make a minimum amount required for this.

4. Maximizing Fiverr & Upwork

Fiverr is a universal online marketplace that offers a wide variety of services beginning from $5. Sellers earn 80% of every successful service they render to their customers. They have a diverse amount of services you can offer to your clients including:

  • Freelance writing and translation,
  • Video and animation,
  • Programming,
  • Advertisement,
  • Digital Marketing,
  • Graphics and Design and so much more.


If you have a talent or are good in something, Fiverr is a place for you to showcase your services and get paid for them. They use Paypal as a means for payments, but direct bank deposits are available for residents in the USA.


Upwork, on the other hand, is another place to get a legitimate stay at work job. Just like Fiverr, they offer a wide variety of employment, but you have the possibility to decide on your price and pace. It is a hub spot for Freelancers to get jobs ranging from;

  • Web Developers,
  • Mobile Developers,
  • Virtual Assistance,
  • Customer Service Agents,
  • Designers & Creatives,
  • Sales & Marketing Experts,
  • Writers,
  • Accountants& Consultants and so much more.

If you are considering working from home, Upwork is a place I will recommend because of its diverse possibilities.


5. Direct Sales

Working in Direct Sales can be challenging, but it gives you a very rich and different approach to marketing and sales. If you can study the art of prospecting, recruiting and closing a sales deal, you will excel in this field.

Many marketers do not succeed or give up in this area because they lack the proper education and tips to grow their business. Most of them join these direct sales companies with little or no experience at all.

The only training they get is simply following the footsteps of their uplines (even if it is detrimental to them) There are hundreds of Direct Sales companies in the world, and it is my advice that you choose one which you are passionate about its products, services and compensation plan. Some of these direct sales companies include:

Legitimate Stay At Home Jobs


6. Virtual Assistants


It is a modernized solution to getting administrative assistance who work from home. They are skilled home-based professionals, and they offer several services including;

  • Proofreading
  • Graphic designs
  • Project management
  • Writing
  • Editing
  • Customer service
  • Blog management
  • Social Media Profile Management and so much more.

This domain is increasing in demand as many companies, or business owners enjoy their flexibility and cost effectiveness of their services. Here are some of the companies offering these jobs;


7. Customer Service Representative


Companies and organizations are in need of individuals with excellent computer knowledge and speaking abilities. Those interested in working as customer service representatives from home should be ready to develop patience.

Their abilities to exercise patience will assist them to deal with different categories of clients and should be willing to talk on the phone regularly during their working hours.

It can be demanding, but interested candidates should master telephone skills and be ready to tackle difficult customers too. If becoming a client service representative is interesting to you, consider going through staffing companies like;


8. Virtual Tutors

A growing number of people are in need of virtual tutors to help them enhance their knowledge in a particular field or learning something completely different. This can also be the case of students and pupils in need of extra tutoring from home. It is most often through Skype where you get to share your screen with your students and have a one on one coaching session. You can get some of these jobs at;


9. Book Keeping/ Accounting

Are you good at bookkeeping? Playing with spreadsheets and Excel? Working from home as a Book Keeper or Accountant can be fulfilling and lucrative. All you need is an internet connection, a computer or laptop and good knowledge of Excel and Accountancy. Some of these bookkeeping agencies offering legitimate stay at home jobs include;


10. Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing, in this case, is promoting other people’s products and services and earning a commission for that. Are they goods or services you enjoy and will like to make money promoting it to the world? There are lots of affiliate programs that you can promote and earn a commission on each sale or reference you make. Some of these affiliate programs include;


There is a high number of legitimate stay at home jobs which you can explore and start working full time from home like I do. It is my wish that you’ll get some understanding of these jobs and maybe get yourself started. There are some red flags to observe before selecting any stay at home job. Some of these include,

  • High start up fees. Very few legitimate stay at home jobs requires that you pay a lump sum to start so watch out for this,
  • Absence of contact numbers or valid email addresses on the website or links to other social media profiles,
  • Appearing too good to be true with lots of promises of making massive amounts of money from the beginning.


Did I forget some legitimate stay at home jobs? I will appreciate your comments and recommendations about it below. Thanks for reading.

Legitimate Stay At Home Jobs