Getting traffic to your website is an issue that most business owners and entrepreneurs face on a daily basis. We all want more eyeballs on our content and subsequently, convert our visitors into customers or get them into our funnels.


But nowadays, It is not easy to get ALLLLLL the traffic you want. It takes a lot of work and time to generate that…except you are creating A LOT of content on a daily basis and regularly updating your site!!!


Who does that?!??

Authority sites have the resources and workforce to do that but not your average business owner.

Fortunately, there are many ways to get traffic to your website, but today I want us to focus on Medium and Linkedin.

Many people ignore that fact they can maximize these channels and expose their content to more people.

Linkedin is a purely business platform and has many readers and publishers on LinkedIn Pulse.

Medium, on the other hand, is another publishing hub with so many writers and readers. You will increase or draw more eyeballs to your content when republished on this platform by finding and following appropriate accounts and building a sound base there.


How To Get Traffic To Your Website Using Medium And LinkedIn


I have realized that each time I write an article and publish on my blog, it gets an increase in traffic and referrals when I republish this piece of content on LinkedIn and Medium.

This is what spurred me to write this article and give you some details about it.


1. Medium

Medium is a good start to get more traffic to your website. You have to begin by creating an account, and you will be asked to link it to either Facebook, Google or Twitter. I connected mine to all of these accounts.

Then edit your account and follow the necessary accounts that are a match to your niche. To republish your content here, select the Stories button and decide if you wish to IMPORT an article from your blog or WRITE a brand new post.


If you have a blog post already from your website; Medium makes it easy to republish by copying the URL and pasting into the appropriate field.


It will import the entire article but before you publish, make sure to cross check. I have sometimes realized that it omits the mains H1 tag. Also, you will need to edit and add your main blog image.



The good thing with this is, it imports all of the article and the hyperlinks and the graphics! YAY!!!

NB Do not forget to use the right tags before you hit the PUBLISH button for more exposure and subsequent traffic back to your website.



Facts To Note

Your followers on Medium get a notification each time you publish any content.

You can view your article stats and observe the views and those recommending it.

You also get statistics of the percentage of your readers who read the entire post. This plays a significant role in helping you determine which of your content they consume or like the most.


2. LinkedIn

No this is not a platform for job seekers only!!! Many people have this engraved in their minds and think LinkedIn is only used to get jobs or perfect your resume for future jobs.

There are lots of people here especially CEOs, and C-suite Consultants, business owners and maybe your potential clients are on this platform too. Publishing articles on LinkedIn Publisher help to increase your brand awareness and subsequently get traffic back to your site.

This is made possible if you republish quality content that your followers enjoy and maybe seek for more.

Doing that is easy. Just like Medium, you can copy and republish your blog content on it.


Click on the button at the top and select Write Article. Go on and copy and paste your article here. You may need to edit the H1 tags and images before you hit the Publish button.

Consider joining relevant groups so that you can share your publications with them.

Remember to add the right hashtags like in Medium before you publish your article to the relevant groups on LinkedIn.

This may contribute to engaging conversations with the group members about your story and a possibility to start a genuine conversation with those who comment on it.

Facts To Note

Publishing your articles on LinkedIn Pulse sends notifications to everyone in your network, and they can decide to view and read your post.

Linkedin makes it possible for you to see all those who interacted with your article and their demographics. If this is a factor in your business, then you will get compelling results and analytics by republishing on Linkedin.
Some people may worry about duplicate content issues with Google. I did a search on that and found this article from Ryan Battles. In it, he gives an elaborate test he made by publishing his articles on both platforms.

He states that you can republish, but you should give it a 7 days window so that Google can index the original one from your blog.

Always state where the original content was posted, it could be at the beginning or the end of the article.


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To conclude, If you are still pondering how to get traffic to your website, I  strongly suggest that you begin with LinkedIn and Medium. They are excellent sites to republish your content and get traffic to your website.

Lots of people visit the home pages of LinkedIn and Medium, and their publishing tools provide you the opportunity to

  • Increase brand awareness,
  • Expand the audience to each of your content online.
  • Generate more engagement when they click into your articles
  • Gives you more insights or analytics and how your audience perceives and interact with your content.


What do you think? Would you consider using Medium and LinkedIn to get traffic to your website?