Do you know Instagram has an option to re-post stories?

Maybe you want to share a college group shot or a meme you think your friends would love? There has been an ever growing wish to re-post stories on Instagram.

With the introduction of the reshare option, Instagram has boomed us with this surprise.

I got to know that Instagram was testing the capability of its reshare option, but now it’s officially rolled out.

Since its introduction, regram is gaining massive popularity among businesses and brands. This is mainly for brands that use Instagram contests for their marketing and promotions.

In the past, it was not easy to re-post other’s Instagram stories. But now you can re-post anything just with a few clicks.


How To Regram On Instagram


What is Regram?

To regram on Instagram means to re-share someone else’s Instagram stories or content to your business or private account.

The idea of regramming is closely related to the process of re-tweeting or reposting tweets on Twitter. However, it’s more complicated than just clicking the share button that is available on Twitter.

Gladly, there are specific guidelines and processes associated with the re-sharing your favorite Instagram Stories. Read on and let’s get started.

First of all, its either manually or through third-party apps.

How do you regram manually?

Regramming manually is often the easiest.  Take the screenshot of the target content you want to re-post and click the upload button to upload.

Before posting the final content, you can either crop it or add any filters you want. Don’t forget to give credits to the original content creator.

Use hashtags like #credit@username or homogenous statements to avoid going against any Instagram policies.

However, this only works for pictures, not for videos or audios. In the case of audios or videos, you’ll need the help of take-in third-party applications.



How do you regram from third-party apps?

If you are more into videos than just pictures, this platform is definitely for you.

These apps are entirely free to use and directly connects to Instagram native applications.

They also don’t affect the quality of the video, making the experience even better. Once you are ready to  launch the regrammed image or video, go through these simple steps:

• Tap on the three dots, available on the top right corner of your Instagram app.
• Press the option “ Copy the URL.”
• Open the regramming app
• Your copied URL will be displayed, make any changes if you want
• Tap the re-post button and open Instagram to import
• Add source credits and click on publish button, done!


Don’t just regram

Regramming may sound like a fun activity. However, as a business owner, you don’t want to have only regrammed content from others. It leaves a negative impact on your brand.

Also, there are a few more guidelines related to re-sharing. Most of the time you may need permission from the owner before you can reshare it.

If you are primarily into regramming, consider sharing the posts twice or thrice a week only. Doing this will ensure your target audience that you are not merely hopping on the regramming train to entertain them.


Is the privacy intact?

Yes apparently, the privacy remains intact! There is always a buzzed notification which indicates that someone has requested to repost your story.

If you like privacy and don’t want your content to be re-circulated, there are a bunch of settings available through which you can customize your settings, and no one will be able to re-post your stories.

You may also re-edit or reshape the post you are going to regram. However, we suggest you maintain the original authenticity of the content, so you don’t look like a content copy cat.

There are a plethora of applications and ways to regram stories to your account. You may also take and publish screenshots, or install third-party paid and free apps to do the same.

With its vast popularity and trendsetting, Regram has grasped the top position among the best Instagram content ideas for business.

Do you regram or reshare other peoples content on your Instagram Stories?

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