Instagram contests for brand visibility?

It’s no surprise that Instagram helps Influencers rise each day with its growing prominence.

It is arduous to compete with the value of brand promotion Instagram offers for businesses and companies of all types.

You want to be trendy, adored and are in need of great exposure for your brand on Instagram?

Do you create content and try to engage with your customers using Instagram stories?

So what’s the best way to stand out from the crowd?

Most probably trending Instagram contests!

Instagram contests have become an obvious rationale for growing brand exposure and engaging with more people.

It’s easy-breezy to run a successful Instagram contest that builds more clientele, plus they are super trendy!

As per stats, Instagram giveaways brings in more people than regular orthodox posts and stories. They get 64 times more comments and three times more likes than generic content.

Isn’t that a huge difference?

While your aim is getting more exposure, your Instagram contest will also shower many other things in your lap, say:
• You can promote your new fleet of products.
• Increase your followers count.
• Cheer up your fans happy and say adieu to new stocks.


Why are Instagram Contests Excellent for Brand Visibility?

Running an Instagram contest can attract people heftily as individuals find it more interesting and are in urge to get the giveaway prizes.
So it will boost your brand exposure in a short lap of time.

There are umpteen ways to conduct a contest. However, you need to make sure to utilize every single weapon in your arsenal to enhance your brand exposure.

If you find yourself in a situation where your Instagram account is using the same type of contests, stop.

You don’t need to focus on only one type of contest. Endeavor to create general posts and organize different kinds of Instagram contests with a variety of giveaway prizes.

As a result, you will be more admired and would gain the trust of your fans.


Things to consider before launching a contest


Disclose all vital information

Before starting your Instagram contest, you need to make sure to portray all the information incorporating rules and regulations associated with your giveaway and the prize you will offer as a giveaway.

If you fail to acknowledge these things before the launch, you will encounter a downfall in the popularity of your contest.

Also, it will appear a lackluster one! You might be wondering, what should you have in mind or what are the rules and regulations? Well, continue reading and get your facts clear.


Disclose the rules

The first and foremost thing you should do is disclose the rules and regulation which makes one eligible for participating in the contest.

Say, you want to organize a tagging contest with guidelines that tagging the same person two times disqualifies a participant or any participant tagging the highest number of people is a winner.

Also make sure to disclose several important things like:
• Deadline of the contest.
• The prize and amount of prizes to be distributed.
• When will the winner be announced?
• And any special guidelines, if any.

These things make people more indulged in the contest, generating more brand awareness. Giving away prizes of higher value and number tends to bring in more traffic and significantly increases your exposure.

So before launching the missiles of your Instagram contest, make sure to silver bullet these things to make your time and energy worthwhile.

There exist several trending Instagram contests that people adore. Capitalise on running these trending contest is another crucial factor behind the success of your brand.


Types Of Instagram Contests To Increase Brand Visibility


1. Instagram Voting Contests Boom Your exposure

A voting contest or polling contest pirouettes around the following factors. You need to find a hot topic to conduct a contest upon and also try to incorporate pictures in that. Everyone loves these types of sweepstakes as it requires little or no effort to take part in.

Also, your fans deem to think that their opinion matters to you. You can also disclose a specific criterion to select the winners. This great approach can land many favors in your lap while making people go crazy about your brand.

Also sharing guidelines like share this on Facebook to be more eligible in the list of winners enhances your exposure and your engagement in a single swoop.


2. Selfie Instagram Contests Are One Of The Best

Already conducted a voting contest, have a look at the selfie one. You must be aware that everyone is enrolled in selfies these days, even smartphones are using the tricks of selfies to sell their products. Selfie concept originally started from Instagram. It has undoubtedly become the hub for selfies and groupies.

Selfie contest works well for the brands and tends to promote their products. You can ask your fans to post a selfie holding your product in their hand and sharing their experiences with their audience. This generally delivers a double benefit. You gain promotion and endorsement of your product.


 3. Tag And Win Instagram Contests

Here comes the Tag To Win Instagram Contest. It’s unarguably the simplest one and generates a ton of leads. Just ask your audience to tag the most out of their contacts and stand a chance to win whatsoever your winning prize is. It will give your brand a broader audience because the participants are tagging more people. Amazing, right?


Can you partner with other brands to host your Instagram Contests?

Reports say that when you partner up with other reliable brands, the chances of exposure and engagement increases by 79% as their followers and fans also get associated with your brand and products.

So, this is a win-win situation if you have an excellent partner on board. You can also use hashtags to make your contest a super duper success to impact your business in a significant and positive way.

Weren’t you missing a big thing?

An Instagram contest can deliver par results if used wisely and strategically. But always keep in mind that these contests are evolving each day, and also neonate contests are taking birth each day. You can run these contests for amazing results like never before. Also, try to add Instagram Stories Ads and use other social media platforms to promote your Instagram Contests and Giveaways.

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