Using an online quiz creator is an excellent way to grow your email list and generate leads for your business or project.

They aren’t just for wasting people’s time — as most people think. You can turn them into powerful lead generation tools by placing an email opt-in at the end.

Quizzes can also be an excellent tool for lead scoring because of their interactive nature.

They help you understand your customers. Moreover, also help your customers understand themselves (which is the perfect setup for qualifying your leads)

In general, 50% of online quiz-takers convert, and 90% of them complete the quiz! What a powerful lead generation tool! The next issue is, what lead generation quizzes builder or online quiz creator should you use?

Many ponder over this question when they get to this stage. Luckily, I have a solution for you!! Interact Quiz and Poll Builder! To me, It is the best quiz creator online.

Why So?

Why You Need Interact Online Quiz Creator…Polls & Giveaways

  • Build quizzes that integrate with your marketing and sales funnels.
  • Qualify leads based on their responses.
  • Provides an interactive way to engage with your prospects.
  • Grow your email list with hot prospects.
  • Increase your social presence (you can embed the quizzes and polls on your social media profiles).
  • Consist of a rich variety of pre-made templates to simplify the process.

Types Of Online Quizzes Offered By Interact

Typically the quizzes offered by Interact are categorized into three separate three;

  • Assessment: testing your leads knowledge about a subject with only one correct answer.
  • Personality: These help you to be creative and make your classical personality quizzes.
  • Score (Tallied): Create quizzes that have a score range.

Typical these consist of premade templates and how-to instructions to proceed.



Top Features Offered By Interact Online Quiz Creator


1. WordPress Plugin. This enables you to embed Interact on your website either by:

Inserting the HTML code in the header section of your site.


By installing the Interact plugin to your site. You can further control the setting of this and enable it to pop up at specific times on your site depending on user interactions.

2. Works with other Website Builders and allows you to embed your quizzes and polls.

3. It is Mobile-Responsive to every screen size.

4. It has Google Analytics Tracking integration for analytics.

5. Facebook Pixel Tracking interaction for your retargeting Ads.

6. Customer Insights and Statistics Breakdown enabling you to monitor the way your leads interact with your online quizzes or polls

Ever wondered how far your leads proceed with your online quizzes? The Drop-off Graphs provides you with statistics on these.

7.  Integrated Social Share Buttons that enable sharing your quizzes and polls.

8. Opt-In Form Builder to collect your leads.

9. Extensive library of Free Stock Images from Pixabey for your online quizzes, giveaways, and polls.

10.  Possibility to edit, add your personal touch and white label it, ie, adding your brand colors, fonts, images, logos …


How To Create An Online Quiz With Interact

Log into your Interact dashboard and select Quiz from the top left menu. You`ll be prompted to select a premade template or create one from scratch.

The premade templates consist of categories ranging from Animals, Accessories, Beauty, Career, College, Entrepreneurship, Leadership. Medicine, Real Estate, and much more.

In total it has 58 categories…you’ll definitely, find one for your industry.



After selecting the premade template of your choice, you’ll get to the central editing section.

Don’t hesitate to get creative here. You can access the branding and styling tabs on the left-hand sidebar. Match the colors to those of your site for uniformity. Don’t forget to upload your logo and image depending on your needs.

In case you’re lost at some point, click on the Help Video situated at the top bar of the page.

Verify the questions from the template and edit them accordingly.

Feel free to add more question by clicking on the Add Another Question button on the left-hand bar.



After editing your template, click on the results section (above left)

Let’s head to the most crucial part because this is where you add links to your quiz. You can either use this section to redirect your leads;

  • To a blog post,
  • Landing page or
  • Schedule an appointment or a consultation page.

Go to your email marketing software and create a new list or sequence based on the results of your quiz.

This would facilitate the segmentation of your leads based on the results hence making it easy for you to send individualized email sequences. How cool is that?

Back to Interact, click on Quick Menu (top menu) and select Integration. Go ahead and edit your opt-in form and connect it to your email marketing software.

Good Job!

Now is time to promote your online quiz and get it out there! Where do you want to share it? There are several options available. You can either;

  • Use it as a pop up on your website to generate leads,
  • Embed it on your site or Landing page,
  • Use the direct link and share in an email or with friends,
  • Use as an announcement bar at the top of your website,
  • Share on social media


Run Facebook Ads for it! Set up a campaign, include your quiz and Boom! You’re good to go.

Running Facebook Ads to a quiz helps in lead scoring and further segmentation of your list based on their responses. It simplifies your process of setting up follow up email sequences based on their needs.



To conclude, before getting started with an online quiz creator for your services, you’ve got to come up with an idea and a strategy.

  • What do you want to achieve?
  • Whom do you want to serve?
  • How can you move them from their current state to what they want?

Most businesses and professionals start with questions like;

“What Type of Coach Are You?”

What Is Your Brand Voice Style?

What’s Your Biggest Strength?

What type of Red Sox Fan are you?


The key here is picking your specific group. Speak directly to them and ask questions that relate to the problems they have.

If your quiz speaks to the right group of people, it will more likely succeed, even if that group is not large.


Write to one person. This will help you develop a personal tone and comfortable writing style. Also, if you can’t think of one person who would like your quiz, you may want to rethink the idea and work on your customer avatar.


Wanna try Interact Poll, Survey and Online Quiz Creator tool? Get it here and use the code APO2 to get an extra 25% off your payment!