Google+ Dead? 5 Reasons To Use It For Your Business Visibility


 Google + dead ?! Many believe it is dead and forgotten. Gone are the days when Google+ was thriving and bustling with many business owners.
Over the recent years, it has taken the last row and given the front seat to platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn which are continuously dominating the social media sphere.
  • Many are disappointed in the way Google+ has turned out. They believe this company missed an enormous opportunity to reinvent social networking in a positive way for the future.


  • There are lots of complaints about the high rates of trolls, bots, and spammers on this platform. Even the guy who wrote an entire book about how to use  Google+ effectively, could not prevent the spammers from getting to him! He wrote that;

“I am literally the author of a book on Google+, but cannot stop invites to SEO Hangouts in Cardiff, or St. Louis Tech Talks,’ ” Purdy fumed. “G+ has settings for ‘who can send notifications,’ ‘Who can Hangout with you,’ ‘Receive notifications->Events,’ and ‘Manage Subscriptions’… None of those settings stop random people who I do not have in circles, who lives hundreds of miles away, from inviting me to **everything**.”

These and much more are some of the complaints you get from those abandoning this social networking platform.

Note that even though many have left Google +, this tech giant has not given up as yet. At least not yet!

There is so much juice you can get from Google + that will help both in your social networking and also increase your online visibility.
After listening and getting feedback from their users, they have rolled out recent changes on the Google + interface. This recent announcement had a series of changes to this platform which includes.
  •  Reduce and hide spam comments,
  • Adjust its layout to give priority to photos and post that have less white space,
  • Enhance the ability to create events and be able to invite people to join.

Advantages Of Using Google+ For Your Business


1. Helps To Enhance Your SEO Visibility

One of my clients got to me by searching social media marketing manager online. I have never been on the first page of Google except with terms related to my business in particular. This lady found an article I shared on Google+ about why you need a “social media marketing manager.” She was in search of a social media manager and Bamm!! There I was on the first page!

Since this experience, I have enhanced and fine tuned my Google+ profile and page. This also encouraged me to get a Google My Business account. My advice is to connect your Google+ business page to your Google + local page and enjoy the results!


2. Increases Your Visibility

Your Google+ Page gives you abundant opportunity to write about your business. It is unlimited, and you can write and give strategic details about your business and its services.

Using the About section can help you to showcase all of these and also include relevant links that will link back to your website.

Note that this area will also show up as a meta description for your page. Use this wisely and if you want to rank for a keyword, make sure to include it in this section.


3. Using Google+ Collections

This is a unique feature of Google+. Collections allow you to create content that is relevant to a particular topic and group them in together.

Most people do not like to see their timelines clogged with irrelevant information. They can quickly follow Collections that they deem relevant and stay updated that way.

For example, you as a digital marketer can decide to make several Collections that will include, content marketing tips, email marketing tips, inbound marketing tips and many others. It makes it easier for your followers to select and follow.

NB. Always update your Collections with relevant topics and do not deviate else you may lose your fans.


4. Helps To Grow Your Email List

It is wise to find and add specific users to your circle. Note that all those who are in your circle get an email notification each time you have an update on Google+ hence increasing engagement with your content.

Use a captivating header photo as a lead magnet that leads to a landing page. You can also use Google+ Hangouts as a means to interact and provide value to your subscribers and those in your circle.

The Related Pages Widget in Gmail provides latest Google+ updates from companies. This appears in mailboxes and encourages more people to follow you and get your updates. It is an excellent way for business owners to use Google + to market to their audience.

5. Google+ Local Helps To Highlight Your Business

Another positive aspect is that Google+ Local contributes in highlighting your business and their location. This feature is Wayyyyy more efficient than on other social networks as it serves the local business to the customers in the most relevant way.

As you can see, Google+ is not dead! As a matter of fact, it still has so many advantages especially for small business owners who wish to stand out and reach their target market.


I am keen to know your response to this article. I need to understand the percentage of business owners who still believe in the potentials of  Google+ like I do and use if for their business. What is your take on it?