What is the best way to market on LinkedIn that can drastically increase your marketing potential?

Or do you doubt if LinkedIn is the right platform to grow your business?

LinkedIn is gradually rising and is currently the top social platform for professional networking. Over the years, It has drastically grown its presence to more than 500 million users. And nearly 250 million of these users are considered to be active.

While most marketing on social media focuses on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., LinkedIn is an excellent destination to build strong B2B brand credibility and presence.

LinkedIn Marketing can be an effective strategy to reach out to targeted individuals and decision-makers indirectly.

With an engaging network of users focused on professional development, LinkedIn offers more effective B2B business leads compared to other social media platforms.


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LinkedIn Lead generation generally has a higher conversion rate. Much higher than the lead conversion rates of other platforms. Thus making the LinkedIn B2B marketing model a capable platform for your overall B2B marketing strategy.

With more businesses realizing the value of LinkedIn as a tool for B2B marketing, it is vital to develop comparatively more effective strategies in using Linkedin for Business.


6 LinkedIn Marketing Tactics To Grow Your Business


1. Improving Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn marketing


Create a profile that speaks to potential clients. It should be the first step toward building a LinkedIn Marketing strategy.

A good profile is not just limited to adding the experience, title, or profile photo.

LinkedIn users search the platform in the lookout for skills, expertise, and experience. Therefore, it is imperative to build a profile that categorically highlights all these aspects.

For businesses, highlighting the solutions offered and their expertise towards it helps build an excellent B2B Marketing strategy.

Do not back out from providing details and go all out with a clear description. Using this method forms the USP, which differentiates your business from others. Work on optimizing the content on your profile, thus improving your LinkedIn SEO.


2. Be Patient And Put In The Effort

Consistency is the key to build up a good profile on LinkedIn for Business. Upload engaging content regularly.

Comment, like, and share content posted by others in or out of your network. This helps to build that relationship. It can form an essential part of your overall LinkedIn lead generation strategy.

One trick.

Do the work and develop a content strategy that reflects your expertise. Update your profile with content that speaks to your market.

Reach out to potential businesses or individuals through messages and start a conversation.

Do not wait for them to come to you, go to them.

Provide value to your network before expecting anything in return. The leads and business would follow.

For more details or suggestions on how to structure your content on LinkedIn, visit my profile, or follow me.


3. Following the 80/20 principle

Two schools of thought influence the strategy you can use for developing your network on LinkedIn.

While one thought ascribes to having a more extensive network of connections, other advice on having limited but valued relationships.

Individually both do not provide a comprehensive plan for your LinkedIn Marketing.

Following an 80-20 principle would help in striking a balance between both strategies.

You can have 80% of your connections with profiles relevant to your business. And the other 20% with influencers and individuals having a large number of connections.

That’s the strategy I use for my LinkedIn Marketing and for my clients as well.

The 80% that are relevant to your business are those you want to interact with regularly.

The 20% influencers and others can help to boost your post or profile to their more extensive network.

Forget about vanity metrics and the need to hit 30 000 connections. Focus more on building a network of quality connections.

Are we friends on Linkedin? Let’s connect.


4. LinkedIn Groups

An effective way of getting in touch with relevant connections and increasing your network is by being part of the various LinkedIn groups.

Groups can form an integral part of your LinkedIn lead generation. Search for groups that are relevant to your profile or area of business and join them.

Joining these groups gets you in touch with like-minded individuals.

It also creates a platform where you can get updates about the trends in your industry.

And also share your knowledge and expertise.

Why not create your own Linkedin group?


5. Reach Out To Your Audience

Reach out to your target audience and start the relationship building.

Linkedin has made it easy for you to research and find out ideal targets on their platform. Plus, you can narrow down your results by location, mutual connections, and company.

Sometimes all you need is one stable relationship to nail a huge contract.


LinkedIn marketing


6. Effective Use Of LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

LinkedIn is consistently developing it’s LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, which can be used to optimize your marketing strategy.

Develop an understanding of the various tools offered by this platform and make it part of the LinkedIn B2B strategy.

LinkedIn advertising solutions have improved over a period and can now be used effectively to promote your brand.

You can place: 

  • Regular LinkedIn Ads,
  • Sponsored Inmail messages,
  • Text Ads
  • Create Retargeting Ads
  • Or simple Lead Gen Form Ads and start generating leads and sales.

LinkedIn Campaign Manager has made it super easy to improve upon your LinkedIn lead generation. This platform enables you to manage all of your Ads on LinkedIn.

You may seek help from LinkedIn lead generation and advertising agencies. They typically help in creating LinkedIn lead generation campaigns and effective Ads to increase your ROI.

So, how do you bring more readers to your posts using LinkedIn for business?

Creating regular posts on LinkedIn helps in building a reliable brand (organically) to the network on LinkedIn.

However, with a plethora of shared posts on LinkedIn, there are chances that your posts get lost.




 Techniques To Increase Traffic To Your LinkedIn Posts


• Simple yet effective content:

Develop content that is simple to read and gets across the message effectively.

Short titles, subtitles, images, points, etc. are a great way of making the content more presentable.

• Stick to a topic:

Identify problems and issues your expertise can solve and create posts about those topics. By sticking to a particular topic, one would be able to build a follower base. Having practical experiences would be a better read.

• Promote on other platforms:

Consider cross-promoting on other social media platforms like Facebook, etc. which helps to drive in the traffic.

• Leverage the network:

Share your content among your friends and network, which helps in reaching out to a broader base.

• Advertise:

Use various LinkedIn advertising options in reaching out to users across LinkedIn.

• Leverage Hashtags

Adding hashtags to your post or articles on Linkedin helps increase your discoverability. Hashtags are more like keywords that help people know more about your post or article on Linkedin.

Consider adding hashtags to the comments section in your article before publishing.

Note that using hashtags on LinkedIn is a little different from the other social networks.

Use it only when it relates to your business or the people you wish to attract

• Tag Relevant People

Mentioning or tagging people and influencers in your industry also increases your visibility.

The individuals mentioned or tagged get a notification from Linkedin (if they haven’t turned that option off).

Also, your content becomes searchable by those searching for content by these people tagged and even to their connections.

• Genuinely networking

Networking on Linkedin is by far the best method to increase your visibility. Whenever you comment and like a post or article on Linkedin, your connections see that on their timeline.

That’s the reason you should engage and leave meaningful comments.

Practicing this keeps your name on the minds of your target market. I am assuming you are connecting and attracting your ideal clients to your network.

I hope that this guide will assist you in enhancing your LinkedIn profile and boost your overall Linkedin marketing potential!

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