How To Master And Solve Network Marketing Rejections


Let’s discuss some insights on how to prepare yourself to face network marketing rejections daily, and how to manage them professionally. To be able to manage Network Marketing Rejections, you should be able to maintain your energy and the energy of the conversation you are having with your prospects.

It is advisable to study your potential prospects before you ever approach them. It is called “Network Marketing” meaning you have to network with people and get to know a little about them before you approach them with your business opportunity.

This prepares your mind on how to approach each individual depending on what you know already about them and reduce the risk of rejection. You will bear with me that most network marketers that face rejections are mostly those who didn’t bother to find out a little about their prospects before pitching their business opportunity.

For example, I have come across people who sent me a friend request on Facebook. I sometimes accept because I want to know more people and increase my network.

 But it is appalling when immediately I accept the request, I get a “pre-made message” from them pitching their business to me! Some of the times without even saying hello! How bad can it get?! At this point, I am already immune and ready to reject whatever you want to propose especially if I have received the same pre-made messages from several people.

This example proves to you that most of the objections you get come from your approach and demeanor towards your prospects. Even if you network and contact your prospects correctly, you may still get objections.



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Here are some tips on how to master and solve network marketing rejections;


1.Your Presentation


  • The way you present yourself to your prospect may lead to some objections during the process. When prospecting a lead, try to find out if they are open for your opportunity. This helps to reduce the number of rejections you will get. Real presentation means listening to your prospects and adapting your presentation to suit them.


  • Some people may ask ” How much do you earn.” If you come across as being too “pitchy” and “hyphy” and claiming how much money you are making with your company, you will certainly get this question very often. People will be curious to know how much you earn since you claim to make so much.


  • In case you are still new to the business, try to tell them how your leaders are making money and how they are teaching you too. Ask them (prospects) if they are open for you to show them the same steps which your leaders are teaching you to make money. Always leave it open for them to decide on joining or not. Don’t be pushy and too eager and give them the space to decide.


2. Manage The Energy


  • Is it a pyramid scheme? Another common network marketing rejection problem. Most network marketers tend to be pushy at this point and try to convince the prospects more and more. Whenever you get this question, I will advise you to let go.


  • Don’t push. Close the conversation and walk away. The interested ones will likely get curious since you didn’t insist on explaining more after they mentioned it being a “pyramid scheme.” This now opens a new frontier for more prospecting and closing the deal.
Network Marketing Rejections

3. Give Them Value


  • “It is too expensive, and I don’t have the money for it” Any network marketer should have come across this popular network marketing rejection from prospects. People will buy or join your business only when they see the need or think they will gain from it.


  • It’s nice to have a conversation with your prospects and ask them what kind of home business they want to join or are interested in.


  • Find out if they have the money but want to do something else with it, or if they don’t have the money at all. You stand a better chance of counteracting this if you know exactly what their problem is.


  • If they don’t have the money at all, find out if the know somebody who might be interested in making extra money if you show them a step by step guide.


  • If they have the money but are not sure of joining your business, explain to them the business model or the products (depending on what you think will be best suited for them). This will enable them to see what they will gain. Let them value whatever you want to propose and make up their minds even if you haven’t proposed yet. This is a great network marketing tip for guaranteed success.


4.Don’t Take It Personal


  • Always remember that it takes rejection to be successful. The more rejections you get, the more you’ll work harder to overcome them. Never take it personally. You might have the right opportunity at the wrong time for your prospects.


  • They might reject you today and come back in a few months. What matters is your consistency and steadfastness. Always remember that they need you more than you need them. There are billions of people in the world so keep prospecting.

5. Be Positive And Stay Motivated


Get a favorite motivational book and read to stay positive all the time. It could also be a favorite playlist or movies. Positivity and keeping an open mind will help you face any network marketing rejections.

Remember that many successful people suffered a series of rejections before becoming successful. Surround yourself with positive friends or people you can talk with in times of rejection and low spirits.

Did I forget or leave out some tips? Would love to read your suggestions and comments about it below.