Do you ever wonder how some businesses can produce a constant stream of new content from their websites — almost like magic?

Every day — or every hour— they manage to whip up something fresh. #MindBlown 

While here you are, spending hours trying to come up with ideas for a catchy blog post or an engaging new video.

We don’t doubt your ideas are pure gold. But if you’re starting to feel the pressure of filling up your content calendar, it may be time to ditch coming up with new ideas and switch to repurposing instead.


Content Repurposing — What Is It And How Can It Help?

You’ve probably heard many experienced marketers used the term ‘content repurposing’ a lot. But what does it even mean?

Content repurposing is the reimagining of content you already have (usually old ones). Transforming it while providing the same level of value or more to your target audience.


The Benefits of Repurposed Content

There are plenty of advantages to repurposed content, both in its use and practice. And some of the best upsides are the following:

1. They save you time and money

For any brand, time is one of the most valuable assets. And creating fresh, superior-quality content can take hours, sometimes days.

But repurposing content doesn’t require writing from scratch.

Not at all. 

It saves plenty of resources, whether it’s time or money needed to pay for a content creator.

2. They extend your audience reach

If you’ve been targeting mostly readers, it may be time to test the waters of video marketing or vice versa. This lets your brand reach out to more prospective customers that may prefer different content forms.

So now that you have a better understanding of what repurposed content is and its advantages, let’s take a look at some of the hassle-free ways you use it for your own business.


4 Easy Methods to Repurpose Old Content


1. Take interesting, bite-sized quotes or advice and turn them into presentation slides.

Maybe you’ve conducted your market research or customer survey. Why not take out the most exciting bits of data and make a slideshow presentation from it?

You can also do this for your brand’s favorite quotes, or lessons or tips on link-building for businesses that you know your readers will appreciate.

And what’s more, you can choose from a handful of free, online slideshow makers such as the following:

  • Adobe Spark
  • Kizoa
  • Pholody


repurpose your content


We highly recommend Adobe Spark for brands who want an intuitive designing experience. The adjustments and design elements are effortless to play around with, and you don’t need prior graphic design experience to create beautiful slides.

2. Create an infographic.

Before you start complaining that you don’t have the skills or workforce to create a professional-looking infographic, pause for a moment.

You don’t need skills or the help of graphic designers to create visually-appealing infographics. 

At least, not today.

There are plenty of online tools like Canva or Venngage that can help you with almost all of your graphics-creation needs.


repurpose your content


Quick tips for creating useful infographics:

  • Focus on a single topic or issue.
  • Don’t make it needlessly complicated.
  • Keep it in a convenient size (600 pixels wide is good)
  • Include some white space.
  • Make an eye-catching headline.

Just a quick additional tip:

If your web pages have too many high-quality graphics or demanding design elements, you may be suffering from slow loading times.

To fix the issue, go minimal, or implement various site-optimization methods. For example, you can optimize images to reduce their file sizes or use a content delivery network service to deal with latency from international traffic sources.


3. Turn a blog post into a podcast (and vice versa).

If your company is continuously sharing unique perspectives on specific issues or sharing valuable information, you may have an excellent script for a podcast episode.

This works exceptionally well for posts written in a fun and conversational tone. If you have plenty of those, this may be an excellent opportunity for you to start a podcast series.

For this, you can use online tools like Podbean.


repurpose your content

While it’s true that a large number of online users love reading blog posts, some prefer listening to audio content more.

Take a look at the stats of your previous posts. 

Which ones have garnered the most likes and comments? Chances are, those posts are great candidates for podcasts too.

 And if you have several podcasts that you feel would flow well as blog posts, then repurpose those also.

4. Turn a blog post or blog series into an email series.

I’m sure you’ve gone over all the blog content you already have and felt you could make more out of it. Repurpose useful blog posts to blog series.

MailChimp and GetResponse are popular choices for email marketing campaigns. And they offer a wide selection of different starting layouts or themes to help you launch faster.


repurpose your content


This is a great idea, especially if you have a vault of valuable hacks, tips, and strategies you’d like to reshare with users.

For example, if you’re sharing expert opinions on how digital marketing businesses can select the perfect theme for their site, you can scout your archives for blog posts related to that topic.

Next, you can create an email marketing campaign that shares the key points while also providing a link to the related blog post on your site. Not a wrong way to redirect traffic to your website and help raise conversion rates.


There’s still plenty of value from the content you already have. So, before you think of spending countless hours and resources thinking of something fresh, why not freshen up the old?

Use the four easy-peasy ways to repurpose your brand’s content that we’ve just shared above, and you’ll be amazed at the results.

And don’t stop there.

Get creative.

Think of other ways to turn what you already have into something else of equal value.

Not only will you see more engagement from an existing audience, but you’ll also increase your brand awareness as you reach out to them via new channels and content types.

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