Social listening tools enable brands to carry out social listening. 

Short and simple.

Social listening is a process in which organizations can monitor online conversations. 

Partly to understand what their customers or potential leads are saying about their brand.

And also about their competitors and industry. 

Organizations and brands can use social listening platforms for multiple purposes, including: 

  • Developing insights into the pain points of the customers.
  • Understanding their interests.
  • Responding to the queries and complaints of the customers or leads.
  • Getting feedback on the differentiating aspects concerning competition. 

Sadly, these online conversations happen on various social media platforms. 

Meaning different sources from which you can gain information and track social media mention.

You bet this would be challenging to monitor without the help of social media listening tools.

As brands turn to social media for analytics and customer insights, social listening tools are gaining momentum.

Here are our top 20 picks.  


Top 20 Social Listening Tools 


1. Hootsuite

This tool helps set up social media streams to monitor online conversations and specified keywords. 

Its social listening platform facilitates the scope of engaging directly and responding to the customers.

And reaching out to influencers and potential clients, etc. 

With Hootsuite, you can access various metrics and graphical reports that allow you to monitor social media.

It has more than 100 million data sources, including blogs, multiple forums, and news sites. 

Different options help in tracking conversations based on language, gender, geographical location, etc. 

Price: Professional $25, Team $109


2. Talkwalker

Talkwalker acts as an extra pair of your eyes and ears. This AI-powered social media listening tool provides real-time insights into what’s happening on all social channels. And also all online media across 187 languages. 

It enables you to identify issues and complaints before a crisis hits, quickly.

Measure your impact—Benchmark your brand and marketing campaigns with their proven KPI frameworks. 

Price: Basic €6000/ month, Corporate & Enterprise on request


3. is another excellent customer engagement, content marketing, audience management, and social listening tool.

It supports and provides data from the major social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter. 

With, you can be a content wizard, team whisperer, analytics geek, customer hero, and strategy guru.

Plus, monitor influencers and directly engage with them. 

Price: $129/ month, Full Suite Contact 


4. Brandwatch

You can monitor the nature of conversations about your brand from a vast 95 million+ data sources.

With this stress-free social listening platform, you can set up email alerts to notify on conversations taking place. 

According to Brandwatch, without their platform:

  • “You’re late to the market, producing content and campaigns that don’t resonate.
  • You struggle to understand how you compare to your competitors in your market.
  • You move slowly, only realizing too late that an issue has developed.”
With Brandwatch
  • “You anticipate consumer trends before the competition, creating work that resonates.
  • You know market share for all of your offerings and understand what’s needed to improve.
  • You get an email as soon as a problem starts to grow, helping you solve it before it’s too late.”

Price: Contact Brandwatch for pricing


5. Audiense

Audiense helps you to identify, segment, and understand your target market online. 

Imagine that you can pinpoint a specific audience and create targeted marketing strategies based on their conversations online? 

Wouldn’t that be a goldmine for your customer acquisition strategy?

That’s precisely what innovative brands do.

They use social data to understand an audience and tailor-make their strategy in delivering impactful content. 

Price: $359/mo, $299/mo (billed annually)


6. Mentiolytics

Get insights and personalized advice to help you improve your web and social media presence.

Mentionlytics welcomes you with its new and unique feature that can save you time and effort!

Access social mention insights and sentiments in multiple languages.

Find potential influencers & sales leads on its full analytics dashboard.

Price: Startup $39, Essential $99, Advanced $199, Pro $299


7. Buffer

Buffer is a popular social media tool. It offers an omnichannel experience for your social media teams. 

Buffer can go toe-to-toe with almost any platform on our list. 

Its centralized dashboard makes it easy to find the conversations that matter most.

And also to join discussions right away, and delight your audience. 

Price: Pro $15, Premium$65, Business $99


8. Netbase

Drive your Business with consumer and market intelligence. Gather and deliver deep consumer insights, fast.

NetBase social media listening tool delivers real-time customer insights you need to understand to fulfill your goals.

They go really deep with visuals that you can slice and dice based on your needs. 

Price: Contact Netbase


9. Brand24

What are people saying online?

This powerful social listening platform tracks keywords across different social media channels.

It is a simple yet reliable social listening tool that helps companies of all sizes analyze their online presence.

Price: Personal $49, Premium $99, Max $199


10. Synthesio

Top brands use the Synthesio Social Listening Tool to track their online presence and unearth actionable insights.

It is one of those robust social media listening tools that enable organizations to search a whole lot in less time. 

Plus, amplify your brand’s human intelligence with Synthesio’s artificial intelligence.

Some of its specifications include:

  • Its worldwide reach, reaching over 195 countries
  • It is multilingual with 80+ languages. And 20+ with Automatic Sentiment Analysis (ASA).
  • Over One hundred billion mentions collected and counting…
  • And over 2.5 petabytes of stored data on their secure, cloud-based servers.

It can tag mentions specific to location, demographics, language, influence, sentiment, etc. 

Price: $1200/ month



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11. Agorapulse

Agorapulse is an easy to use social media management software. It allows you to drive engagement and build authentic relationships on one platform.

Plus, it has an integrated dashboard that allows you to track trends, hashtags, key influencers, and ambassadors — without the clutter of newsfeeds and steams of irrelevant content.

Price: Medium $79 Large $159 XLarge $239 Enterprise $399


12. TweetReach

How far did your tweet travel? This smart social media listening tool is excellent for companies looking to accurately analyze their Twitter reach. 

With it, you can analyze exactly how many Twitter accounts have reached your selected keyword, person, or hashtag. 

It also gives you comprehensive analytics on:

  • Impressions, 
  • What users are mentioning, 
  • When these tweets are being posted, and more. 

Need I add that this tool helps you discover who your most impressionable followers are?

And how should you be targeting them with your tweets?

Price: Social Manager $49, Social Marketer $99, Marketing Team $199


13. TrackReddit

TrackReddit helps you listen to the more than 3,000 comments & 250 submissions made on Reddit every minute.


With real-time results and tracking so you can respond immediately. 

Price: Free Plan lets you set up and track 2 campaigns and up to 100 results

Bronze $19, Silver $29, Golden $39


14. Mentions

Mentions will listen to your brand mentions on social media. 

You can track your company’s name, competitors, or a business-related phrase and see what people are saying – in real-time.

You can also interact and respond to these directly from your Mentions dashboard.

As long as you’ve connected your social media accounts. 

Remember, responding to your follower’s online conversations and complaints show you care about them.

And that further builds a robust brand.

Pricing: Free Plan, Solo $25/month, Pro $83/month, Enterprise $450+/month


15. Reddit Keyword Monitor Pro 

Reddit Keyword Monitor Pro gives you access to 114.5 million views on Reddit every month.

Meaning every post and comment om Reddit, so you see who’s talking about your brand or Business.

Shouldn’t you listen to these conversations on the Reddit platform, which are a source of social intelligence? 

Price $6.99


16. Cyfe

Cyfe is an all-in-one business dashboard and a social listening tool.

It provides information about sales, support, social media, infrastructure, web analytics, marketing, etc. 

And enables you to extract data from services like Google, Salesforce, Xero, QuickBooks using pre-built widgets. 

Plus, you can also custom – build your widgets. 

Cyfe covers much more than just social mention.

Its social listening capabilities using real-time data and metrics track your brand across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Vimeo.


Price: Free, Solo $29/month, Pro $49/ month Premium $89+/ month

NB: If you opt for the Premium, you can access unlimited dashboards and widgets, with no limits on your monitoring. You can also view data past the last 30 days.


17. Awario 

Awario provides mentions from social media and the web. It crawls over billions of web pages daily, in addition to APIs. 

This robust social listening platform lets you find all of your brand’s mentions on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, blogs, forums, news sites, or any online publications.

You can analyze your mentions’ growth and their reach. Both positive, negative, and neutral.

It also provides sentiment analysis plus identifies top influencers by the social network.

Price: Starter $29/month, Pro $89/month, Enterprise $299/month


18. Keyhole

Keyhole is a social media listening tool that focuses on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and the web.

It allows you to track:

  • Company hashtags in real-time
  • Monitor mentions of your hashtag and predicts how well it is performing.
  • Usernames, and more.

Additionally, it offers an impressive heat map that shows your mentions and engagement with other brands worldwide.

This heat map gives a bird’s eye view of your target audiences and their demographics.

It doesn’t end there.

It also helps to spy on your competitors and monitor their online strategies. 

Price: Free Plan, $29/month, $99/ month, $999/month


19. Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a heavy-duty, all-in-one social listening tool.

It enables brands to find, form, and deepen the connections with their social audience:

This social listening platform also makes it easy to coordinate and delegate tasks to team members.

In addition to helping you curate and create content, you can use it to schedule, analyze, and monitor your content. 

Price: Standard $99, Professional $149, Advanced $249


20. BuzzSumo 

BuzzSumo allows you to monitor your competitors, brand mentions, and industry updates.

This social listening tool ensures that you catch essential alerts. And don’t get smushed under the social media avalanche.

Additionally, it’s an excellent social listening platform for analyzing the number of impressions and shares specific posts or topics have online. 

It helps you gain insights about what types of content garner the best results on social media. 


Conclusion on Social Listening Platforms

Whichever social media listening tool you settle on, don’t forget that it isn’t worth it. If you’re not going to act on the data. 

Alternatively, using any of these social listening tools to spot trends and act on the data received can make your social listening strategy much effective. 

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