Is your business or brand active on Instagram? Are you looking to throw a contest to catch many eyeballs, increase website traffic and increase brand awareness?

With more than 400 million active Instagrammers each day, sharing more than 90 million posts- either videos or photographs, Instagram has entrenched itself as a sovereign of the social media platforms.

It is an excellent destination for companies looking to grow and nurture their brand and target a broader audience.

Are you brainstorming on how to launch a triumphant Instagram Contest? 

Plunge in this article and get your facts cleared.

I mean take some time off and learn the rules and regulations you’ll need to get your Instagram Contest started.

Here are two crucial highlights:

  • Make your entry process real easier.
  • Also, always clarify which third-party organizations you are teaming up with to run the that the Instagram contest.


4 Easy Steps To Run An Instagram Contest


STEP 1 – Get your hands on the right type of Instagram Contest

The rationale of why Instagram contests are the most successful is that it doesn’t hold any promotional limitations. 

That means your brand can be more creative as you want it to be.

There are a plethora of contests you can launch on Instagram. I’ll share a few with a detailed description of how each competition works:

A: Comments Contest:

The vogue exalter!

Just like the Facebook comment contest, you can ask your target audience to comment on your post as an entry pass in the competition. It’s as easy as it sounds like.

If your objective is to gain feedback and grow your brand awareness, then this is the contest type you must go for.

You can also ask your customers to target their friends and family to get a broader clientele.




B: Like Contests:

The easy-breezy!

The easiest contest anyone can host- a likes contest. 

Ask your users to like your daily posts. This will not only increase the prominence of your brand but will also let you know your regular followers.

C: Polling Contests:

The trending one!

Polling contests are gaining immense popularity these days. Your audience tends to show more interest in these types of giveaways.

When launching a polling contest, provide two options. Let your audience select one as a means to participate in the giveaway.


STEP 2 – Share appropriate rules:

Unlike other social media platforms, Instagram doesn’t have many promotional limitations as described earlier.

This makes it ideal for running contests. Share the rules and regulations you have for the Instagram contest.

Let them know how to participate (what makes them eligible or ineligible for the Instagram contests) 

Say, users, with two or more comments will be disqualified.

Meaning they have to comment once to be eligible.

Also, do not share restricted content that is red flagged by Instagram and other social media platforms. 

My advice, create a page with the guidelines and share before launching the contest.


STEP 3 – Relevant Prizes and Giveaway:

This is the most common mistake brands make while throwing Instagram contests. They offer prizes that have nothing to do with their brand. Most of the time, their audience finds them useless.

Always keep in mind that the more interesting the prize, the more engagement and participation you’ll get from your contest.

Create scarcity. This means you should limit the number of prizes available. This strategy has physiologically been proven to boost up your brand promotion.

If you have a large budget for your contest, you could opt to give phones and expensive earphones.

However, if you have a lesser budget or you have just stepped in the market, freebies will also work in your favor.


STEP 4 – Hashtags are Wonderful:

Every contest you launch should feature a branded hashtag. 

Utilizing the right selection of hashtags in your Instagram contest is the key to unlock into a wider audience.

Always target hashtags that are very prominent in your industry. 

Incorporate hashtags like #contest, #your company’s name, #Giveaway, #freebies, etc.

Is your company thinking of organizing an Instagram contest or giveaway? 

Don’t hesitate to take complete advantage of this platform and promote your brand and giveaway contests.

I bet It will work in your favor and grow your audience making your Instagram contest a blockbuster hit.

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