Are you using Instagram for business? Instagram is a social media platform with about 600 million users. Studies estimate that about 70% of its users log in at least once a day. It is huge meaning your content gets seen. Below are some strategic measures to follow to market effectively on Instagram.


The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Instagram For Business

1. Make A Plan

Every business venture always starts up with a plan.

You need to be able to forecast and map out your plan and goals to achieve while on Instagram. Ask yourself several questions like:

  1. Who is my target audience?
  2. What strategy is best suited for them?
  3. Demographic locations of your followers so you know exactly when to post.
2. Make A Strategic Bio

Create a profile that is congruent to your business. This is essential because it’s a summary of what your business is all about. Make sure it’s clear and straightforward with a call to action that stands out clearly.


I often change the Call To Action Button depending on what I am promoting for the week. Right now, it is my website now but sometimes it is a product I am promoting with a capture page or a blog post. It could be anything but must relate to my business. Make sure the website or landing page is mobile friendly. Instagram is predominantly accessed on phones so you want your website or landing page to be mobile friendly so that you don’t turn off your audience.

3. Create Beautiful Pictures and Videos

Instagram is all about visuals, and you need to have beautiful visuals to stand out from the crowd or make your content pop. There are many apps you can use to create beautiful pictures for free. Take a look at my gallery. You’ll realize it´s colorful and beautiful. I use tools like Canva, Instaquote, Studio Design and Vidstitch for Instagram to create beautiful pictures and videos to post on Instagram for business account.

4. Connect And Post To Other Social Media Accounts Via Instagram

This is where you’ll find the possibility to connect your other social media accounts so you get more followers hence more people seeing your content. Synchronising your accounts is a great way to build trust with your audience too.

Note that, if you care going to link your Instagram for business account to other social profiles, limit the amount of harstags you use. Trust me it looks awful when you cross post to another social profile and your audiece gets to see all the harstags.

5. Use Trending Hashtags In Your Niche

Using the right hashtags attracts the right people to your content. I use Harstagify and InstaHelper to find the trending hashtag and include them in most of my post. Endevour to use harstags related to your niche to increase your brand awareness.

6. Post Great Content On A Regular Basis

Content is critical with Instagram for business and the more you post, the more you’ll have more people exposed to your business and the more followers you’ll get too. Use a tool like Crowdfire to determine the best times to post and get high engagement from your audience.

Alternatively, use your Instagram for Business account to track your analytics and determine the peak periods to post. If you have not switched to the Instagram for business account, here is an article to help you do it and its advantages too.

Inspirational Post gets the highest engagement, so endeavor to use them more often. Avoid sharing too many pictures about your business. Most people don’t care about your products or company. They care more about you and what you have to offer.

7. Connect And Engage With Your Audience

Connecting and engaging on social media, in general, is key. Try to engage and reciprocate with your audience. Reply to their comments and LIKE BACK and COMMENT on their pictures when they LIKE or COMMENT on yours. This helps to build a solid relationship with them and your brand.


Get The Ultimate Instagram Strategies To Generate Leads For Your Business

8. Maximize Sponsored Ads

Maximizing Sponsored Ads on Instagram is standard nowadays, and every business owner should consider using it to showcase their services or products better. At first, Sponsored Ads could be seen only by your followers, but now, you can target anyone in your niche to see your Ads.


It is now possible to create Ads directly from your Instagram for business account. Take advantage of this new feature and boost your Instagram content marketing.

9. Host Contest

Hosting a contest is also a great way to attract more people to your business. Make sure you are giving out something of great value to your audience in exchange for whatever you ask of them. It also helps to build quality followers in your niche.

10. Use Sponsored Post

If you don’t have many followers, you can always make a sponsored post feature on a popular Instagram account in your niche with large followers count. It is also an effective way to expose your brand and business to more people.

11. Promote And Tag Partners

As an entrepreneur, cross promoting and tagging other businesses is another way to increase exposure to your brand. For example, you are in wellness and fitness, promoting or tagging a fellow entrepreneur in cosmetics or articles of clothing in your post is great. This creates a warm atmosphere between you and them. They will also tag and promote you in their post and expand your brand awareness too.

12. Analytics

Analytics is a major aspect to any entrepreneur or business owner. It is always good to analyse your business and see which of your campaigns are doing well and which converts the most. It helps you identify where to focus more and what your audience or customers want from you. Using a tool like Inconosquare and Squarelovin helps in this domain with Instagram. Using links shorteners like Bitly and Sniply is also great to master your market funnels and know  from where you get leads and sales.

Overall, Instagram has undergone many updates during the last few months. Using Instagram for business is an excellent way to increase engagement rate. If used correctly, you’ll notice an increase in your brand awareness and an increase in conversion rates too.

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