Social Media Marketing Manager for your business?


I understand that as an entrepreneur and small business owner you are busy, hiring staff and helping customers and doing things to run your business.


While you know social media marketing is important; you can not stretch your time any further. However these days you dare not afford not to use social media marketing as it is the best way to relate and connect with your customers.


Nowadays, every business is supposed to have a place in the social media world with a well-planned strategy. Most small and medium-sized firms and entrepreneurs have seen the exceptional value of social media and how it drives traffic and brings sales to their business.


While most of these firms or entrepreneurs are already engaged in social marketing and advertising, social media marketing is an integral part of the complete marketing package. Social media marketing is more about;


  • People
  • Conversations
  • Building relationships
  • Creating trust
  • Branding
  • Generating Leads
  • Providing value to your audience

Sadly enough, most of these entrepreneurs do not have enough time to spend on social media and network correctly with their targeted audience, build their brand, and increase their social presence.


If you think it is expensive to hire a social media marketing manager, wait until you hire an amateur! #socialmediamanager #smm Click To Tweet


Are you one of them? Stay cool! I understand.


There is nothing as bad as having an outdated social media presence. This especially if you already have social media profiles that are not updated regularly with content relevant to your niche. It is equally as bad as not having a social presence, as having one that is outdated.


Even though social media is noisy and constantly updating, if you can not keep up with the pace, you would need a Social Media Marketing Manager for that.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need A Social Media Marketing Manager


1. Engagement


You need a social media marketing manager to create relationships with your targeted audience and engage genuinely with them. That is responding to their comments and forwarding queries to your marketing department for follow up. Leveraging your social media profiles by creating rich targeted content to keep your news feed updated.


2. Branding


A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is – it is what consumers tell each other it is.” – Scott Cook #smm Click To Tweet


I am sure you would agree 100% with me on this. With the wind of change and the constant upgrade in social media behavior, keeping your brand aloft is of uttermost importance.


You need a social media marketing manager to delegate and represent your brand according to your values and how your audience perceives you.


Some business owners make this deadly mistake and transfer the several social media marketing functions to several people to save cost. Note that; your social media presence can indeed break or make your business reputation and branding online.


3. Content Strategy


Most of my clients ask me these question, especially in our first conversation or chat.


What do I post?  How do I know what my audience would like?


A social media marketing manager would help you create a solid content strategy, targeting your audience. They would produce content that will relate to your audience and where they are in the buyer’s journey.


Note that your content should not be promotional all the time. A social  media marketing manager can also help in;


  • Building a Buyer Persona for your brand,
  • Drafting out a content strategy that will provide solutions to your audience’s problems, depending on where they are in the Buyers Journey like the image below states,
  • Determine which social media platforms to use.


4. Customer Acquisition 


Attracting new leads to your business is one of the tasks which a Social Media Marketing Manager can assist you with. They also help grow your followers and fan base and increase your social presence. It is their job to know the latest techniques and trend in social media to capture and retain your targeted followers.


They know and master the functionalities of several social media management tools and are better placed to implement them in your business.


5. Analytics


There is no effective social media marketing strategy without analytics to back up the efforts. Measuring your ROI at the end of each month is one of the tasks they perform.

Most business owners think ROI refers to money back in their coffers or profits which are not always the case. There are several factors to consider when analyzing your ROI  like;


  • Increase in followers,
  • Brand engagement,
  • Content reach and engagement,
  • Leads,
  • Sign Ups for Newsletters,
  • Response rate and quality.

Note that your results will depend on your initial objectives and discussions with your social media marketing manager. It is advisable to have in-depth conversations with your manager and agree on your intentions and goals.


Constant analytics weekly or months from your social media manager will determine your market trend and help you tweak your content strategy to suit your audience.


Some of the people I talk with complain about the cost of hiring a social media marketing manager. My advice is that an expert in the social media field will put time and effort in always learning the social media trends and optimizing your strategy while increasing your online presence.


They are better placed to understand and master the constant changes in social media and be able to interact accordingly with your targeted audience.


They often act as a strategist, ready to promote whatever products or services you have, using the right channels.


Think twice and consider delegating this function so that you can focus on other aspects of growing and expanding your business.


“Nowadays, the Internet decides if you’re good, not the big man in the big office. No matter how important that man thinks he is, everyone else knows that he doesn’t matter anymore, and the Internet decides these things, here in the modern age.”

― Alexei Maxim Russell


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