Is Visme right for you?

Let’s put it this way…

Are you looking for an online tool to create presentations and slides?

Or maybe craft that compelling infographic that generates tons of traffic to your site?

Or are you going offline with flyers and banners for an event?

How about social media graphics to attract and convert prospects to clients?

Roll up your sleeves and search no more.

Welcome to an all-in-one tool for all your graphics, designs and online presentation to dazzle your content marketing strategy.  

Visme which has recently come out of BETA with over 1.3 million users is a simple yet powerful and intuitive graphic design tool used by content creators from all from top brands like IBM. Visme permits you to:

  • Create beautiful content in minutes.
  • Create stunning and eye-catching presentations with its drag and drop builder.
  • Design engaging infographics and reports.
  • Has over 120 fonts and millions of images.
  • Publish your content and analyze using its integrated analytics tool.
  • Permits you to publish your content online, make it private to download or embed.

Impressive? Yes, you bet.

You can literally track all the engagement on your published content online.


I recommended Visme to a friend a few weeks ago, and she called back to ask ” I have other tools I use to create online graphics, what makes Visme so special?”

What makes Visme Special and Unique?

There are several tools you can use like Powerpoint, Google Slides, Canva, Prezi, etc. Visme, on the other hand, allows you to create various forms of content with a bunch of interactive features. These distinctive interactive features include:

  1. Adding videos and audio to your graphics.
  2. The ability to track the engagement on your content.
  3. You can create a dedicated library for your content.
  4. The possibility to animate objects and add actions like pop-ups, rollovers, links, etc.
  5. You can embed content like maps polls, forms, etc. from third-party sites.
  6. Create several types of visual content in one place.



Here are further details giving you the differences between Visme and Powerpoint and Visme versus Canva. 


Advantages of using Visme As Your Go To Graphic Tool


1. Blocks of Content

Visme gives you a vast library which allows you to locate quickly and drag-and-drop groups of complementary content to create your design. You do not need any prior knowledge in coding or design.

2. Slides and Presentations

Get creative and use the tons of high-quality infographic templates that are more than your average presentation templates.

This library consists of more than 900 slides, both modern and corporate. These make it possible to create full presentation slide decks in minutes.

Plus you can now create those webinar slides you’ve been planning for the past years in just a few minutes.

Did I forget to mention the innovative touch it has which permits you to copy multiple objects from one slide to another slide versus doing them one by one?

This functionality comes in handy to those who want to copy specific objects versus duplicating an entire slide.


3. Infographics

This multi-tool of visual content not only gives you access to hundreds of beautifully made custom built infographic templates; but also gives you a blank canvas where you can go crazy. I mean get as crazy and creative as you can be.

4. Branding

With over 120 professional fonts which you can apply to all your text and designs, you’ll never run out of creative ideas to tell a story.

The icons and graphics library gives you access to your own set of branding requirements. With it, you can:

  • Upload your custom fonts,
  • Set your templates,
  • Add your logo to published content,
  • Set your brand colors.

5. Audio Feature

The audio feature is one of the best highlights when using Visme. This sound library provides a fantastic range of audio tracks that can be attached to slides for your presentations or used as background music for an entire project. With it you can:

  • Upload your audio MP3 files.
  • Record your audio and attach it.
  • Manage the timing and fade controls from one panel.


6. Create Graphs, Charts, Scatter Plots, Printables & Survey Results

One of the confusions a lot of people have with Visme vs. other tools is that they often think of Visme as a tool to create Presentation or Infographic. Far from that!
With Visme, you can create a variety of content such as;
Flyers, to
And even publish your Survey Results with eye-catching graphics!


Visme Pricing

Visme has very flexible pricing that can be categorized into three main pricing options — Individual, Business, Education.

1. The Individual pricing option is further subdivided into 3 categories:

a. The Basic which a FREE with 100MG storage and limited templates.

b. The Standard  $12/m comes with all the features in the Free plan.

c. The Complete Plan which gives you total control and the complete Visme package cost $ 20/m.


2. The Business Plan It helps to empower your business and organization to excel in visual communication and design. It also is further divided into:

a. The Complete plan which has the same characteristics as the Complete plan on the Individual plan

b. The Team plan which facilitates communication amongst teams at $60/m.

c. The Enterprise, for bigger companies with larger teams at a special price from Visme.


3. The Education Plan which is geared towards students has 3 tiers which include:

a. The Student $30 /Semester
b. The Educator $60 /Semester
c. The School (for universities) at a special price from Visme.

Interactive marketing focuses less on an immediate sale and more on building a relationship with customers.

88% of marketers say interactive content differentiates them from their competitors, increases brand loyalty and engagement.

How far are you in updating your content marketing strategy with interactive and visual content?

Of course, I am always open to answering your questions and assisting you in picking the right content for your audience.

Do you have questions? Maybe lost and still don’t understand how this could fit into your content strategy?

Feel free to reach out.