Website traffic is a standard issue for everyone having a business online.

If you’re looking to improving your website traffic free from social media, this is the right place for you. Social media is rapidly growing, and many business owners are finally embracing it for free traffic and engagement with their audience.


How To Triple Your Website Traffic From Social Media


1. Facebook Page

Creating a Facebook page helps you stand out as a brand. This encourages people to interact with your brand and consume the content you produce.

Facebook pages also help to increase website traffic and boost your SEO. This is so especially the case when you create quality content that your audience love to consume. It might trigger curiosity and drive them back to your site for more.


2. Pinterest Business Page

Consider switching your Pinterest account to a business one and adding a link that leads back to your website is optimal. This also helps to enhance your SEO juice. Here are statistics on how I increased my website traffic and page views on Pinterest.


I switched my account to https during this period hence the huge fluctuation in the graph.


3. Linking from Your Instagram Account

Just like Facebook, Instagram gives you space to add a link out to your site. This is the only place on Instagram that ( with exceptions to registered accounts) you can use a URL, so take advantage of it!

I recently discovered Linktree which enables you to add more than one link to Instagram. This has tremendously increased the traffic I get from Instagram.

You may also consider using “Share Exchange” on Instagram.

This strategy is like a guest post. Research and reach out to Instagram accounts that have similar audience sizes like you. Offer a share-exchange or shout out and gain traffic and recognition from their audiences.


4. LinkedIn Page & Profile

  • Consider Including a link to your website on your profile or company page.
  • You may also incorporate it into the body of your description. This adds legitimacy to your site since you have it listed there as a business.
  • Furthermore, it gets you more traffic from people visiting your LinkedIn page or profile and are interested in your business.


5. Link Juice From Your Skype Status

You can also use Skype to get more website traffic. Whenever you’re logged in to Skype, have a link to your site on your status. It is a good reminder to anyone you’ve connected with before to check out your site and see what’s new.


6. Your Twitter Profile

Add a link on your Twitter profile that leads back to your site.
It could be a link to your site, newsletter, or favorite article you have written. This would enable all those connecting with you on Twitter get more of your content or learn more about your business.


7. Post Relevant Subjects To Quora

Create a Quora account with a link back to your website or from related articles.
Use this medium to increase or widen your horizon by responding to questions that people ask and provide answers.

You can also add your blog post in the replies ( where appropriate)

Do not appear too self-promotional. Your answers should give value, with the link to your site being an extra bonus.


8. Share on Google+

A few people are hanging out on Google+, so it is advantageous to share your articles there. Google plus also recommends and categorizes content by tags, so make sure you are applying the right hashtags to your content! You may want to read this blog post I wrote about using Google Plus for business and increasing your website traffic.


9. SlideShare

Repurpose your content on Slideshare. This is a snackable way to let more people digest your content. It also helps to increase your audience and traffic back to your site from people browsing to learn new things.


10. Twitter Chat

If there’s not a good Twitter chat to join, or if you just want to own your own, then consider starting one!

It is an excellent way to engage and build your Twitter presence and community.

Use this as means to answers questions from your audience and it cal also help you create a content strategy (based on their questions)


11. Podcast

Start a Podcast and talk about topics that relate to your target market. Alternatively, you can also appear on similar Podcast to increase your reach and grow your organic traffic.


12. Influencers

Always contact influencers that you mention in your content. Send them an email or tag them on social media. Most of them time, this leads to a retweet or share from them to their own network.


13. Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups are becoming more popular, and most business owners are embracing it. Facebook recently introduced the possibility to link Pages to groups you administer.

Alternatively, do a research and join groups that have your target market. Providing value to such groups ( answering questions and giving out free info) will make people curious and want to check out your site and your services.

Facebook groups are an excellent source of free website traffic.


14. Use Reddit

Once you join Reddit, do a research and find subreddits that relate to your market. Consider sharing your content or products and services with them.

Note: Always read the Guidelines before sharings your content. You risk getting banned if you share in inappropriate content.



I use #socialmedia as an idea generator, trend mapper and strategic compass for all of our online #business ventures.” Paul Barron @paulbarron Click To Tweet



15. Use A Scheduler

Many social media tools can assist in reposting your content on a regular schedule on social media. Note that, you should change the wording each time the content is shared.
Statistics from Buffer with an interview with Mike states that sharing your content with the exact wording affects your reach on the various social media algorithm.

Create a simple schedule that will assist you as guidelines on sharing your content on each social network. Get more insights about this from Michael Stelzner on Buffer Podcast.


16. Add Share Buttons On Your Site


Adding the share buttons on your site are a great way to encourage your website visitors to distribute your content. Most people do consume content from their mobile so share buttons to WhatsApp, Messenger, SMS and any mobile related sites is advantageous. You want to make it easy for mobile users to spread the word about your business and increase website traffic.


17. Repurpose Your Content On Medium & LinkedIn

Apart from regularly guest posting, you can also repurpose your content (with links to your site, of course) and publish it on Medium and LinkedIn. I did write an extensive article about this which you may consider reading to get more details.
I am sure there are much more ways to increase website traffic from social media. Which of them is your favorite?


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